Why Short Courses Became so Popular? What is the Main Reason?

The field of education has not remained untouched by the technological revolution that the world is witnessing. Newer platforms and methodology of learning are being adopted by institutes to ensure a more refined way of inculcating relevant knowledge. Distance or online education is one such medium that has become highly popular in the present times.

These short courses are preferred by students and professionals as they are feasible and packed with useful information. The limited duration and affordability of these courses make them all the more compatible for someone who is working full time or cannot afford to pay high tuition fees. Numerous reasons have led to the sudden spike in the demand for short courses and some of these factors are:

  1. Study at your own ease- With online courses you have the option to study as per your desirability. You don’t have to race against time to be in class or hurriedly write notes in the classroom. Rather you have the convenience to study as per your comfort and can design a schedule that suits you. This also helps students to soak in all the learning without being bothered by any external factor.
  2. Variety to choose from- When you choose to study in a physical college then you have to limit your course choice to a limited few. Though, with online learning, you have a host of options to choose from ranging from business management to cybersecurity. This means you can align your preference with your skillset and don’t have to settle.
  3. Essential learning- When you opt for effective online short courses then you can ingrain all the useful knowledge relevant to your field. These courses are designed specifically to offer all-inclusive elements of every stream. In case you are indecisive about choosing any industry or subject then this course can give you a short guide of the syllabus and expertise. Hence, helping you make a more informed decision and giving you effective career guidance.
  4. eLearning is tech-based- The future is driven by technology and the sooner you get acquainted with necessary tools, the better it is. Online short courses are offered through high tech means and you do all your exercises using technological apparatuses. This means you are already a step ahead than those who stick to traditional learning.
  5. Self-learning abilities- One of the biggest offering of online is the amount of discipline it inculcates in student. They can develop various useful expertise ranging from effective time-management to organisational skills when given the responsibility of self-studies. These learnings are impactful in shaping them professionally for the corporate world and also help them to grow on a personal level.

Short courses are a wonderful educational platform that will gain all the more traction in the coming years. As physical spaces steadily disappear, virtual classrooms will become the norm for learning and a practical option for all students. While traditional mediums will stay, online platforms will make a strong place for themselves in the education sector.

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