What is Lipozene and Burn XT?

There are several types of supplementary dietary pills all aimed at helping you shed off that excess fat efficiently and effectively. While there are several products in the market, it is essential to take note of several factors before settling on any medium as your method of weight loss. Some of the crucial factors to keep in mind include the effectiveness of the product, the possible side effects, cost implications and their availability. Some of the notable dietary supplementary pills with proven success stories in the market include Lipozene and Burn XT. In this feature, we highlight to you the similarities and differences in function, side effects, effectiveness and dosage of Lipozene versus Burn XT. 

What is Lipozene and Burn XT?

Lipozene is a renown and acclaimed dietary supplement made out of highly effective natural products whose primary goal is to help in weight loss. The main ingredient of Lipozene is glucomannan fibre, which is a super water-absorbent agent, on which the entire function of the dietary pill is derived from. By acting as a water-absorbed agent, Lipozene is arguably one of the safest and most effective nutritional supplements available in the market, with extra health benefits that are not necessarily tied on weight loss. Other compounds in Lipozene include magnesium silicate, gelatin and stearic acid.

Burn XT, on the other hand, is a dietary supplement classified under thermogenic fat burners. Burn XT is also a useful nutritional supplement used in weight -loss. It functions by helping you burn calories while at the same time, boosting your body energy levels. The main ingredient in Burn XT is Capsimax. Other ingredients in Burn XT include caffeine, green tea extract and Bioperine black pepper fruit extract

How does Lipozene and Burn XT work?

The main ingredients in both Lipozene and Burn XT determine how the product function. While the main objective in using both products in weight loss, their modalities of function are distinctively different. 

Lipozene contains glucomannan fiber as the main ingredient, which is a renown super water-absorbent agent. The ability of Lipozene to absorb water is the reason why it is a renown food additive, mostly in thickening and emulsifying food. Lipozene works by absorbing water from the meal and in the expansion of your stomach space. By absorbing water, Lipozene substantially reduces the motility of food out of your stomach, helping you feel full for longer. Lipozene has low-calorie content, making you feel full during meal times, thereby reducing the urge to take in more calories. The weight-loss pill also significantly reduces the absorption of calories, proteins and fat, resulting in reduced calories from the meals. Lipozene also promotes your gut health by enhancing the existence of good bacteria, which works to reduce your weight. The high fibre content in Lipozene helps in food motility down the gut, reducing the chances of constipation.

Burn XT functions by raising the body’s metabolic rate, which radically reduces body fat, the act that helps in weight loss. An increased metabolism results in an increased speed in which calories are burned. A high metabolic rate is also a tool in producing extra body energy, increasing your workout capacity. Burn XT other benefits includes suppression of hunger, appetite and improved mood.

Side effects

The side effects of Burn XT include anxiety, nausea, sweating, bloating, headaches and drowsiness. Burn XT has a high number of stimulants, including caffeine, which might be harmful to some people when taken over a long time. It is crucial to note that the side effects of Burn XT, just like in any other type of medicine of supplement, vary from person to person, and does not occur in all instances.

Lipozene has limited known or reported side effects that include stomach discomfort, nausea and in some instances, diarrhoea. It is important to note that some if not all of the side effects are manageable.


The dosage of Lipozene is a maximum of six pills in a day, two every thirty minutes before meals. The supplementary dietary pill must be taken with plenty of water for it to maximally delivery the intended results. 

The dosage of Burn XT is one dosage per day, and it is recommended to take the pill before going to bed because the caffeine content might result in irregular sleep patterns. The maximum dosage is at least two pills, for regular and prolonged use of the Burn XT dietary supplement. 


Before settling on your preferred dietary supplement to help you reduce your weight, you must get the full information about the products available.  This review was written based on what I read from The Hub Post Lipozene and Burn XT page, which you should visit as it offers much more insight.

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