How to Maximize Your Score in PTE Academic Exam?

PTE Exam

PTE or the Pearson Test for English proficiency is a popular evaluation exam that tests a non-English speaking candidate’s competency in the language. The PTE Academic exam structure comprises 4 prime modules that test the aspirant’s skill in English:

  • Speaking
  • Writing
  • Reading, and
  • Listening

The total duration of the PTE Test is 3 hours with an optional break of 10 minutes between the reading and listening section. Apart from that, each question is allocated a specific time limit to answer, failing which the screen will automatically freeze and the participant has to move on to the next question subsequently.

PTE Academic Exam

Each of these modules is allotted a specific type of question that checks the student’s ability to understand, read, write, comprehend and summarize answers to relevant questions. The sub-section question types of each module of the PTE Academic exam structure include:

  1. Speaking:
    1. Read Aloud
    2. Repeat Sentence
    3. Describe image
    4. Re-Tell Lecture
    5. Answer Short Questions
  2. Writing:
    1. Summarizing Written Test
    2. Write an Essay
  3. Reading:
    1. Multiple-Choice, Single Answer
    2. Multiple-Choice, Multiple Answers
    3. Re-Order Paragraph
    4. Reading- Fill in The Blanks
    5. Reading and Writing – Fill in the Blanks
  4. Listening:
    1. Summarize Spoken Text
    2. Multiple-Choice, Multiple Answers
    3. Fill In the Blanks
    4. Highlight Correct Summary
    5. Multiple-Choice, Single Answer
    6. Select Missing Words
    7. Highlight Incorrect Words
    8. Write From Dictation

How does the PTE Academic Exam Structure Help to Attain Maximum Marks in the Exam?

Gaining an in-depth knowledge of the PTE academic exam structure can help an aspirant to strategize their moves to cover the most important questions and score the maximum marks effortlessly.

Some of the basic strategizing principles include:

Learn and Compare the high marked Questions with the lower ones:

Not all questions in the PTE academic exam structure is built with the same marking potential. Some questions can help you score a whopping 50 marks while some questions like essay writing, MCQ, Select Missing word etc can fetch only 1 mark or a maximum of 10 marks.

It is obvious to spend more time on the high marked questions and less time on the lesser score generating questions.

The highest-scoring questions include:

  • Repeat Sentence:

Contains the maximum marks – 50 with the average number of questions is 10. Evaluates your listening, understanding and speaking skills. The aspirant has to repeat a sentence after hearing it only once. Make sure to attempt this question perfectly.  

  • Read Aloud:

There are almost 5 questions to Read Aloud with a high average score of 44 to acquire. Participants have to read a given paragraph in a clear and neutral accent. The question evaluates your speaking and reading skills. Make sure to read in a neutral accent and as clearly as possible.

  • Write From Dictation:

Comes with 47 marks with an average of 3 questions. Evaluates your listening and writing skills, the question is the last scheduled in the Listening section where the candidate hears an audio once and writes down as much as they remember. It requires a lot of practice to ace this question.

  • Fill In The Blanks:

Again, you can gain a full 45 marks here, if your reading, writing and vocabulary skill is sufficient.

Scoring a high percentage in PTE academic is not difficult. Persistence, practice and effective strategies can help scoring high in PTE Academic Exam structure right at your fingertips.  

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