6 Fascinating Facts About LG 7kg Washing Machine

If you’re looking for the most reliable washing machine brand on the Indian market, it is clear that LG is at the top of the curve compared to its competitors. For a long time, LG has been supplying advanced washing machines at reasonable costs to meet the requirements of Indian customers. 

In addition, LG has also earned the trust of Indian customers with its excellent after-sales support. Let’s find out what are the various factors that are making LG washing machine 7kg hugely popular among Indian buyers:

If you are looking to buy LG 7kg Washing Machine 

LG Washing Machine 7Kg: Power Efficient

One of the most significant features of this LG washing machine 7kg is its advanced inverter technology. One of the several benefits of this technology is that it can automatically adjust the speed of the motor according to the washer’s cloth load. 

This adjustment capability means that inverter technology will significantly reduce the energy consumption of this best washing machine. Indeed the energy savings provided by the best LG washing machine 7kg are so impressive that it’s been rated 5 Stars in terms of energy-efficiency rating.

LG Washing Machine 7Kg: Efficient Performance

Another important aspect of this LG washing machine 7kg is the manufacturer’s signature 6-motion Direct drive technology. There are two significant advantages linked to this particular technology; The first benefit of the 6-Motion DirectDrive technique is its unique ability to spin the drum in various directions. The drum rotates in different directions, and it can wash hard-to-clean stains. 

The second advantage is that this washer will offer you excellent wash quality without damaging the fabric of your delicate clothes.

LG Washing Machine 7Kg: Low Noise Production

Another benefit for direct-drive technology is unlike conventional washers; the drum is directly connected to the LG washing machine 7kg’s motor with no requirement for a belt or pulley. This beltless performance minimizes mechanical friction. Thus, the noise and vibration of this best washing machine are reduced significantly.

LG Washing Machine 7Kg: In-built Water Heater

It is well-known that washing clothes with hot water has several advantages over the cold water wash cycle. The hot water wash cycle is highly efficient in eliminating the most stubborn dirt and removing allergens present in clothes. 

In light of the above, LG has introduced an in-built water heater for the machine to bring water temperatures to as high as 60 C. Thanks to the heating system, the LG washing machine 7kg is able to remove all sorts of allergens and sticky dirt from the fabric.

LG Washing Machine 7Kg: Better At Dealing With Power Issues 

Power cuts are widespread throughout India. The problem with a standard washer is when there is a power outage during the washing process, all settings are taken away, and the machine is restored to its default settings. It is obvious how irritating this can be. 

LG has added the Auto-Restart feature to the washer to alleviate this annoying issue. This feature utilizes a microcontroller to save all the settings that you’ve created. This means that once power is restored, the machine is restarted precisely in the exact spot where it got shut down because of the power cut. 

LG Washing Machine 7Kg: Offers Extra Convenience  

One of the most valuable features of this popular washing machine is its ability to connect with smartphones. The SmartThinQ app lets you link the  LG washing machine 7kg to your mobile phone quickly. The SmartThinQ app helps you by identifying various problems and providing troubleshooting tips. 

This app saves you from the trouble of contacting customer service for issues that are not very complicated, and you can quickly fix them all by yourself, such as low water pressure, lid not appropriately closed, clogged pipe, etc. 

In the face of increasing competition in the marketplace, companies began adding more features to their best washing machines, enhancing the quality of their washers in every possible way. Korean company LG ( lji, elji, lzh) was the first to develop a direct drive washing machine.

The manufacturers naturally were not shy about advertising the benefits of this new technology, so everybody knows that this process is quieter and can wash clothes faster without damaging the fabric of your clothes.

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