What Can You do With an MBA in Oil and Gas Management?

The petroleum and gas industry is one of the most important industries in the energy sector. Although there has been significant growth in the usage of renewable energies across the world, petroleum and gasoline continue to be the primary source of fuels driving all the industrial sectors. This is why, any fluctuations in the prices of gas and oil impacts even the major currencies in the world.

Oil and gas are essential for the manufacture and maintenance of countless products like vehicles and plastics. You might imagine an engineer drilling in the sea bed at an oil rig when you hear the term oil and gas management, but the industry entails much more than that.

If you are interested in pursuing a career in oil and gas management and want to know more about an MBA in the subject like its importance and career prospects, this blog can help you out. It elucidates the importance of MBA in Oil and Gas Management and lists interesting career options that you can pursue in the domain.

Benefits of pursuing an MBA in oil and gas management

The oil and gas management sector impacts many large domains like government policies, industrial manufacturing and forex trading directly or indirectly. Hence, an advanced degree in the subject like an MBA can help you access well-paying jobs in any domain of your choice. From operations to purchase and sales, an extensive knowledge on how oil and gas impacts different industries can help you establish a successful career in any field.

Pursuing an MBA in oil and gas management can also ensure you have a stable career as the oil and gas sector is one of the most significant domains on the planet. It provides you with the technical understanding of the specificities in oil and gas management and important managerial skills. It also covers important administrative skills required for handling businesses dealing the entire hydrocarbon value chain.

Career prospects of an MBA in oil and gas management

As an MBA graduate in oil and gas management, you can pursue the following career prospects in different industries as per your interests and aspirations.

  • Oil and gas industry: There are many career opportunities for young MBA graduates in this field. You can become a refinery management officer, a business consultant for gas dealing and marketing, or a corporate planning strategist in a multinational petroleum company. If you have a good business acumen, you can also look for financial management and business analysis positions in this industry.
  • Shipping and logistics industry: The shipping, supply chain management and logistics industries are among the biggest consumers of oil and gas. Hence, you can also pursue a career in these sectors with an MBA in oil and gas management. There are many positions available in the industry like procurement specialists, shipping management officers and supply chain managers.

According to a recent report by the UK Oil and Gas Trade association, there are more than 300,000 jobs in the UK in 2019. This means that whether you want a field job or an office role, you can find a multitude of career options in this industry. Join an MBA Oil and Gas Management course today for a successful career.

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