Why You Need a VPN for Kodi

Although Kodi is a blessing in disguise, it is still quite risky to use. Those of you who use Kodi regularly know exactly what I’m talking about.

Believe it or not, the number one question I get asked all the time is:

“Is it safe to use Kodi without a VPN?” my answer is always the same.


It’s plain and simple. You don’t leave your doors unlocked while you go out on a vacation. Why would you want copyright narcs to catch you streaming pirated content?

Makes sense right? Using a VPN for Kodi 2019 is like putting the blinds down. No one from the outside world gets to see what you stream.

It’s a win win.

In this blog I’m going to tell you 3 convincing reasons to use a VPN when streaming content on Kodi.

Reason #1: Kick snooper to the curb

It’s no surprise that Kodi uses official & unofficial add-ons to fuel its content library. While you might think no one cares what you watch, you’re absolutely wrong.

The fact of the matter is, copyright narcs and government agencies hate content piracy. After all, it’s bad for the economy. With the cooperation of your internet service provider (ISP) regulatory authorities can pounce at you at any given time.

That said, if you do opt a VPN, you’ll pretty much be able to use any Best Kodi Addons 2019 you like. No one would able to track you down, not even your ISP.

Reason #2: Access all geo locked add-ons

If you’ve used Kodi before, you’ll know that in order to stream content, you need install certain add-ons. While Kodi in itself isn’t geo restricted, some add-ons are. Unfortunately, a lot of the best ones are actually geo restricted.

Take for instance “Selfless add-on”. It offers some of most amazing content out there yet it is only available in the U.K and U.S.

Fortunately, with a VPN, you can easily bypass geo restrictions and download any Kodi add-ons of your choice.

Reason #3: Way better streaming speeds

It’s no surprise that ISP throttle bandwidths all the time. Whether you’re gaming a lot or streaming, whenever you max out your allocated bandwidth, your ISP can throttle your connection without you even knowing.

While it’s beneficial for your ISP, it’s definitely going to be a headache for you. Needless to say your streaming speeds are going to suffer a lot.

They way ISPs do this is by analyzing the network traffic against your IP address.

However, a VPN can anonymize your online footprint, masking your IP from everyone. Since your ISP won’t be able to detect your presence online, they can’t tell if it’s you who’s consuming too much bandwidth.

The result is:

You’ll get super-fast and lag free streaming speeds to watch contents on Kodi.

Wrapping up!

So there you have it folks, these were my top three reasons why it’s an absolute necessity to use a VPN with Kodi.

I hope you found this blog informative. Hopefully now you can safely stream your favorite content on Kodi.

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