The Effect Of Hypnosis

Hypnosis probably is one of the most misunderstood and underestimated psychological therapy in the field of psychology.

Maybe the misconception of how serious and powerful hypnosis is derives from people who use the name of hypnosis and hypnotherapy for personal gain especially within the paranormal and the “feeling the positive vibes” communities and other unproven pseudoscientific therapies.

However, hypnosis in fact is a valid and genuine psychological methodology to be used on various psychological issues but must be performed by a certified and qualified hypnotist (for shows) or hypnotherapist (for therapy work).

Is hypnosis real?

The short answer is YES. There are many types of hypnosis as hypnotherapy is one of them. Hypnosis has also been used in advertisement, media, religions, politics and many other forms of social influence even in language – as in Neuro-Linguistic Programming NLP, and that’s where hypnosis can be used as a covert hypnotic language.

According to The MindTech Institute – an accredited Australian and globally recognized collage; hypnosis isn’t what you see in movies as someone holds a pendulum with a monotone voice tells you to look at the pendulum and then you get hypnotized and start acting as in sleep walking! There are many levels of hypnosis as there are many levels of the depth of your mind.

An example of light hypnosis or a “light trance” is when you’re watching a romance movie and one of characters dies and you get emotional! Sometimes even you may wonder why you’re getting emotional while you know it’s just a movie!

Similarly in action movies and when there’s an action scene such as the actor is driving insanely and you start swaying as you’re the one who’s driving – and that also happens a lot in video games, the gamer gets so involved with all their senses as they are really in the game!

All that is a form of light hypnosis or a light trance. In fact, the largest mass hypnosis you can see is during sport events and specially soccer or foot-ball games. The audience are deeply hypnotized – most of them don’t know it, but it is important to know your behavior especially when you’re not in control of your behavior!

Hypnosis is being used in places more often than you think – hence the reason The MindTech Institute made it easy for people even to study hypnosis at their online hypnosis training certification program – an unlike what most people think; you don’t need to study hypnosis to become a hypnotist or a hypnotherapist – you can study hypnosis just for personal-development purposes as well as for being more aware of how you’re being influenced without you even know – and according to The MindTech Institute students and graduates said “we don’t see the world as most people do anymore because we know when there’s a trick being used and it’s hard to trick a trickster”.

If you’re interested in learning and getting certified as a hypnotist and a hypnotherapist, you can simply join a globally recognized in-class or online Hypnosis Practitioner and Hypnosis Master Practitioner

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