What Trends Will Dictate Android App Development In 2022?

Mobile applications are the latest technologies that occupy and fulfil all needs of humans. Most business companies and many other business sectors use this mobile application platform to enhance their service in the digital medium. 

A single Android App Development Agency can provide various applications for different uses. Most App development agencies try to improve their service in the emerging technologies that have extensive usage among people.

Most of the latest mobile applications work with various technologies like artificial intelligence, Virtual reality, and the Internet of Things(IoT). In this app development field, many new agencies and developers emerge, increasing many kinds of risks in the development process. 

Due to heavy competition, all the service providers should update themselves to the latest emerging technologies to sustain themselves in the field. 

Latest Trending Technologies

Many latest technologies are available in mobile app development, and each technology provides specific features. Due to the growth rate of mobile users, the mobile app development also offers various new features and applications for the users. 

This mobile app development depends on the application designers and deals with the mobile manufacturers. They are responsible for attaching many futuristic technologies to their products to attract customers. The trending technologies are:

  • 5G
  • Edge computing
  • PWAs
  • Wearable devices
  • Beacon tech
  • Mobile Commerce
  • On-demand apps
  • Chatbots
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Smart hubs

These are the latest trending mobile application technologies that will change the application market in upcoming years. Each technology has its unique feature that reduces human effort and helps the users in various ways. 

Many mobile brands involve their research teams to upgrade their mobile phones according to the latest technologies. These techs will provide multiple experiences to the users. 

5G Technology

The 5G tech is the upgrade for the existing 4G or 4th generation networking that most mobile devices use for their internet services. The 5th generation mobile connectivity is the advanced mobile networking much better than the existing networks. 

This technology is available in some parts of the world. And if this technology is available worldwide like the old one, it will change all the working conditions and manufacturing process of all the mobile devices and mobile applications. 

This technology is the perfect find for all Android Apps development agency that works with networking. These are the attractive features of 5G technology. 

Edge Computing

Edge computing is the advanced level of cloud computing. It has several advantages over the usual cloud computing. Big data and cloud computing are the best combinations for business purposes, but many complications make this problematic. 

This Edge computing will help to nullify all the problems that occur. These are the features of Edge computing.


These PWAs are also futuristic technology that helps mobile devices in various ways. The PWA stands for Progressive web apps, a combination of mobile apps and web pages. This technology is simple to use, and the developers can complete the creation process in a short period. 

In this technology, the mobile device will have the mobile application icon, but it will not open as a mobile app; instead, it will open the web page that contains all the details similar to the mobile app. This technology saves lots of portable storage and cost of development. 

Wearable Devices

The wearable devices are digital android watches and health monitoring wristbands. These devices are also most popular in modern days, and most people use these kinds of wearable devices to interact with the internet. 

By the following year, all the wearable devices will have internet access, and it may also reduce mobile phone usage like the other old communication devices. These are the features of wearable devices. 

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is also the primary technology that helps improve technology. Synthetic technology will help the users in various conditions, and it also has several advantages. Machine learning will reduce the time consumption of application development, and most of the apps with Ai will be the future of technology.

These Ais will help in decision making, health suggestions and even many more options. Many companies use Ai powered chatbots for providing customer service and other details about the service. 


These new-age technologies have many features that change the living style of humans, and these advanced technologies will enhance our technology leaver from the current state. Android App development agency implements all these technologies to improve their products. 

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