Buyers Guide for Different Types of Electric Showers

Today, electric showers are extremely common in many homes. Nevertheless, because there are so many possibilities available, you must be certain that it is your best decision.

In this guide, we’ll assist you in finding the answers to some of your most pressing inquiries, including:

  • How are electric showers operated?
  • Who benefits most from electric showers?
  • What specifications or laws apply to electric showers?
  • Just how potent are they?
  • How much power do you require, and;
  • Who should put them in?

Any residential water system is capable of supporting electric showers. They are adaptable, simple to install, and even enable energy savings. However, we anticipate you’ll need more information.

What to Consider Before Buying Electric Shower?

How do electrical showers function?

Electric showers heat water rapidly over a heating element that is electrically charged, to put it simply. Imagine it as a kettle—albeit a very quick one! To function, electric showers require a cold water source. Electric showers can be directly linked to your mains water supply, unlike mixer showers, which draw their hot water supply directly from your boiler. Because of this, they are highly adaptable when it comes to installation.

Is an electric shower necessary?

Who benefits most from electric showers? Many people install an electric shower in their bathroom for various reasons. Here are a few examples:

A modest hot water tank is present. Those with smaller tanks occasionally discover they need more hot water to serve the entire household when it’s time to shower. Mixers and power showers depend on your boiler for hot water. Electric showers resolve this issue because they generate hot water.

Electric Shower Installation Harrow

Quickly heated showers. When you switch to electricity, you don’t have to wait for the hot water to come on before taking a shower. There is no waiting since they heat your water immediately upon request.

There is a chance to conserve energy. Only the water you use is heated in electric showers. Consequently, this can result in a cheaper energy bill, particularly for smaller families. They also have a reduced flow rate, which can help people with water meters save money.

A combi boiler is in their residence. Almost every type of water system can use electric showers. They are a particularly well-liked option for houses with combi boilers, though. Those with gravity-fed systems frequently prefer a mixer shower or a power shower.

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What is the strongest electric shower available?

The power of electric showers varies. Typically, the lowest power output is 7.5kW, and the highest output is 10.5kW. Electric showers with higher wattages are frequently considered superior, though the wattage you select will depend on your budget; more powerful options are typically more expensive.

Water pipe requirements for an electric shower

A 15mm water pipe must connect your shower to the main water supply. An isolation valve should be put in this run as well. As a result, if there are any faults or maintenance needs, you can turn off the water supply to the shower.

Cable needs for an electric shower

The type of shower you can purchase is greatly influenced by the size of the wiring you will be attaching to it. Remember that the measurement refers to the cross-section, not the length. Therefore you need to know what size cable you have. This is frequently printed on the outside insulation of cables.


It is possible to replace an electric shower yourself if you are replacing it like for like. Getting a qualified tradesperson in is always safer unless you have a Part P certification.

But don’t let it stop you from getting an electric shower! When installed by a qualified installer, they are entirely secure, with no risk associated with utilizing them.

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