What are the differences between B2B and B2C link building tactics?

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Website owners apply various strategies to increase traffic for websites. Link building is an important topic that cannot be ignored. SEO strategies help website owners in getting a high rank in SERPs and boost their traffic.

What is link building?

SEO strategies are applied by business owners to boost traffic. There are many strategies that website owners follow to increase the amount of traffic they are receiving. Link building is one such strategy that is quite effective.

Link building is the process of creating a link profile that can help the business meet its goal. It is an important technique, and most professionals apply to do the perfect SEO for their business. The link building techniques can vary from one company to another depending upon its requirements and goals. The SEO methods for various companies are also different. Most business owners utilize the practice of link building to help their business grow and fulfill their business goals. And also, the business goals for one company can be different from another.

We all know that building link links help us in building connections. We all are aware that families can destroy our business, and reportable links can take our business to greater heights. The relationships that we make from link building help us in the growth and expansion of our business. No matter whether you are a B2B business or b2c business links would always assist you in getting referral traffic for your site. And once you start getting more traffic, the sales and revenues of your business will eventually increase.

Now that you know the importance of link building for B2B business and B2C business. Here comes the most obvious question. What is the difference between the two? How is the B2B link building technique different from B2C? Can we use these tactics interchangeably?

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Difference between B2B and B2C business

B2B business

A B2B business means business-to-business. In this type of business, the sales of products and services between two companies or more than two firms take place.

B2C business

B2C means business to consumers. Under this business, the sales of products and services take place between a company and a customer. The businesses directly deal with the customers to sell their services or products.

It will help if you understand both types of business as it would help you determine what link building techniques and SEO tactics would work for your business.

Difference between B2C and B2B link building techniques

You may know that you can’t succeed as a business owner if you add random backlinks on your website or connect with any casual site. Before choosing link building sites, you need to be aware of the needs and demands of your customers. According to the likes and dislikes of their audience, a specific business can look for links for sites and build their link profile.

Let’s now discuss B2B and B2C link building techniques in detail.

B2B link building technique

In a B2B business, the audience is mainly marketers, vendors, and stakeholders. Creating a blog is a necessity for B2B companies. You would also have to choose a proper domain name so that the other companies would find no difficulty in reaching you. In B2B marketing, the audience is searching for other firms to make the trade. The B2B transaction also takes a lot of time. Sometimes it may take up to 3 to 4 months, and this situation can adversely affect the link building technique.

The link building techniques for B2B business is mainly about providing proper prospects to the B2B audience. It means you would have to emphasize connecting with relevant sites. Finding links to relevant websites can be a complicated process, and that’s why it is said that link building for B2B business requires a lot of hard work. If you are a B2B business owner, you would also feel the need to incorporate the keywords to reduce the buyer’s decision-making time. The primary B2B link building tactics are eBooks, infographics, and guest posting. Although affiliate links and Wikipedia links would also help in B2B marketings, forum posting is also an excellent way to build connections for a B2B business.

B2C link building technique

B2C link building techniques are used to garner the audience’s attention. It is for that audience who are active on other social media platforms. The audience gets a lot of links to consuming. There is very tough competition in the B2C market. In B2C business, the link building technique is implemented to increase the rankings.

For B2C, the most effective way of link building is to optimize the links for all the popular social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. In B2C, link building is a click-bait approach, and there is fierce competition. Brand affiliation is a powerful link building strategy as it leads to conversion.

In a B2C business, the reviews of products also attract customers. Guest blogging is an excellent way to link building.


The list, as mentioned above, is not the complete list of link building techniques as there are many other B2B and B2C link building strategies that marketers are not even using. This blog’s purpose was to help you find out the significant differences between the two link building techniques.

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