Instagram Vs. Facebook: Which Is Better For Video Content Marketing?

The craze of social media is increasing among the audiences today and around 50% of the population uses at least one platform. It means that half of the population is on such platforms, irrespective of whichever it is. Several social media platforms are there, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., and all fight among themselves to retain the top position. Instagram has around 1 billion users, while Facebook has 2.3 billion, and it tops the list. Considering that, people get confused when it comes to content marketing. They ask Instagram vs. Facebook – which one is best

What’s the answer?

Well, there is no direct answer for this as it depends on what you want. In this article, get to know what both Facebook and Instagram offer, following which you can choose one. 

·        Facebook

The initial objective of this platform was to help people stay in touch with one another, irrespective of where they are. But now, the medium helps people to reach customers so more companies are promoting their brand. Among consumers and marketers, it is the most used platform. If your objective is to reach as many customers as possible, you should choose Facebook. 

·        Instagram

It is a platform that keeps releasing new features from time to time. In a way, they always keep everything relevant and on-trend. It is a perfect platform if you are thinking to increase visibility. The businesses who have interacted with their customers through Instagram found better responses from others. It helps in boosting visibility while driving visitors towards your site. 

Adding video content

Video marketing content is also a great way to boost the engagement of the site. But the question is how you can add video marketing content on your website? Here are steps that you can follow to do so: 

·        Landing page

It is said that for increasing conversion, the videos should be posted on the landing page. The landing page of any website should be created, keeping this in consideration. Here the video should highlight the services and products, and you can break a complex thing most simply. Users find such videos engaging, and they opt for the product. With the help of an Australian cheap website builder, you can easily create a landing page for marketing purposes.  

·        Home page

On any website, the home page is the most visited one and acts as an entry point for the rest. The home page is a suitable page to put the video but does not make it too promotional. The video should create a good impression on the viewers’ minds about the services and products. With that, they will be interested to explore your site. 

Final thoughts

Thus, it depends on your requirement, which one is the best between Instagram and Facebook. Instagram will increase engagement, while on Facebook, more people can view your content. For the younger demographic, the best choice is Instagram and Facebook is for the wider age range. Along with that, consider uploading videos on your websites to boost engagement. All these things will help in building brand awareness and getting more customers.

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