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Welcome to Lima

Hola, vacationers! What are your vacation plans? Are you planning to arrive in Lima? If “yes,” we are happy to hear that, you have taken the right decision! In this article, we have compiled the description of some of the best tourist places in Lima!

Lima, the beautiful capital of Peru, is a must visit place. You will find an array of the remarkable diversity of outdoor activities, which you will adore for sure. From classic historical buildings to endless fun rides at Lima beach, you will get plenty of things to do in Lima. We give you a suggestion if you want to know more about Lima, you must have a word with the local crowd, the Peruvian, they will give you some great tips about the weather, food, nightlife and much more.

Want to give your taste buds the time of their lives? You must try the culinary fusion of Lima, and you will love it! But that’s not the end of our article, and there is something more for you, keep reading and gain some great tips about traveling to Lima.

Your trip is incomplete if you have not explored the heart of the city, Plaza Mayor. It is the center of the city, and you will find historic buildings, institutes around it. So if you are standing at Plaza Mayor, that means you are standing at the main center of Lima.

So, enjoying the roller coaster ride with us! If “yes,” get your tickets booked via Spirit airlines reservations and save a bundle.

Let’s start with the Lima Tour

  • Walk around the plaza mayor
  • Let us take a tour of Lima beautiful sights
  • Go for a hop-on/hop bus tour
  • Walk along the beautiful Miraflores
  • Explore Lima restaurants and have Pisco Sour
  • Have a walk around the popular the Saint Francis Monastery
  • Go for paragliding
  • Watch out for the 18th century Larco Museum

The above eight places will melt your heart! If you want to surprise your family, take them on a Lima tour! That’s is the best one can ever give to their loved ones. Lima is the best tourist spot to spend your holidays. But you must be thinking after visiting the places, what about the food! Your taste buds must be excited to get something delicious. So it’s time to taste the authentic flavor of Ceviche.

What craves you towards Ceviche?

The beauty of this popular Lima dish will melt your heart! The dish is made up of raw fish, cooked up with lemon juice, and beautifully served to customers topping sweet potato and corn. Such a mouthwatering dish! To have it, you must come to Lima and taste Ceviche. Almost all Lima restaurants will serve this dish during Lunchtime. So yes, where you can have it! So, the popular restaurants are:

  • Pescados Capitales
  • Punta Azul
  • Canta Rana
  • El Veridico de Fidel

Even if you are a big-time Foodie, Go on a street-food tour; you will love the flavors of anticuchos, picarones, and pisco sour glasses. Take some time from your tour and have the taste of street food; you will love it for sure.

Before ending this article, we want to know, have you ever visited Lima before? If “yes,” do share your experience  with our audience in the comment section.

Final words

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Spirit is offering some attractive tour benefits! Explore the spirit website and get your tickets booked. Lima is just a few miles away from your place. Pack up your bags and fly with your low-fare spirit airlines.

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