What Does Pilgrimage Insurance Cover? Safety of Pilgrims During Travel

Going on a pilgrimage is sacred considering that one gets to experience spirituality and attain peace in life. This simply means paying a visit to holy places to seek blessings and getting this opportunity of a life-changing experience.

Now, past records of events show that encountering unforeseen situations while on a pilgrimage isn’t new. So, you must be prepared with a financial backup before you set off for the journey.

Opting for pilgrimage insurance can protect you against any unpredicted circumstances. It takes care of expenses due to accidents, loss of credit cards, etc. You must possess a clear idea of what pilgrimage cover is before availing one.

What do you mean by pilgrimage insurance cover?

It is a type of insurance which covers expenses or losses associated with travelling. It comes with several benefits which make it quite essential when going on a pilgrimage.

Benefits of opting for pilgrimage insurance claims

Following are some of the advantages associated with a pilgrimage cover:

  1. It reimburses any medical expenses incurred towards treatments of accidents and illnesses. The insurance coverage comes handy in situations where medical treatments are quite costly.
  2. Transportation expenses during a medical emergency are also taken care of.
  3. Compensation for losses as a result of trip cancellation and interruption is another benefit of having an insurance policy in place.
  4. It also covers for lost baggage and other personal belongings.

Bajaj Finserv Pocket Insurance products such as Pilgrimage Cover can financially back you with emergency expenditures which may come up during a trip.

What does such insurance policy cover?

A pilgrimage insurance company provides the following covers.

  1. Trip cancellation and Interruption coverage

It is often called trip interruption insurance or trip delay insurance which reimburses a traveler for prepaid and non-refundable travel expenses. The reimbursement available varies from one provider to another.

  1. Lost baggage coverage

Personal effects coverage protects the lost, damaged or stolen belongings during the trip. Most carriers like airlines compensate the travelers in case their baggage is lost or gets destroyed. There may also be limitations on the reimbursement amount. The personal effects and baggage coverage provide an additional protection layer.

You can opt for the domestic travel insurance from Pocket Insurance schemes brought to you by Bajaj Finserv for coverage of lost baggage and other personal effects.

  1. Medical coverage

The primary types of pilgrimage insurance policies are usually short term and major medical coverage. The short term schemes cover travelers from five days to around a year, which depends on the chosen policy. Some institutions also provide primary medical coverage for people who are planning to go on longer trips.

Besides covering the medical expenses, it also helps locate doctors and healthcare facilities. Some companies also assist you in obtaining foreign-language services.

  1. Flight accident and accidental death coverage

An accident may result in disability, death or severe injuries to a traveler or his family members accompanying him. This is when a flight and accidental death policy is advantageous for the beneficiaries. A flight accident insurance scheme covers deaths and accidents.

  1. Emergency assistance services

The policy ensures that an individual receives the assistance needed to locate alternative flights, track the lost luggage, and find local medical care. The pilgrimage insurance policy also provides emergency repatriation and evacuation coverage which ensures that repatriation coordination and emergency medical expenses and evacuations are covered.

What are the documents required?

Following are the documents required for application:

  1. KYC documents
  2. Travel safe membership letter

Bajaj Finserv brings you easy to avail Pocket Insurance products like the personal trip liability cover to take care of any unforeseen expenses during the trip.

For people who love the feeling of sanctity and divine grace, going on pilgrimage is an essential part of their lives. But, it is often expensive especially for those who like to travel often. A pilgrimage insurance policy in India can help you travel without any worries. It is, therefore, recommended to have it as a financial backup whenever you go on a trip.

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