How to Unblock Websites at School, Home, or Work?

With the growing internet use, every single person kids to adults are browsing over the internet. TO find the answer to anything we search over the browser. But many times we find blocked websites in our school, home, or workplace. You can easily unblock the website you are browsing over the internet. Learn how to unblock websites at school, home, or workplace. The top tip and working solution to unblock the website is Virtual Private Server (VPN).

Many of the businesses, schools, and other content providers restrict their websites in some geographical area. To get access to those websites you can easily hide your IP address by using the VPN, Proxy, or tor. These are the best solution for all the users. Beyond these solutions, you also have few more tactics that help you to unblock webpage or websites one time. Read all the details and find the best way to unbanned websites.

Solution 1- Use a VPN

The best and easiest way to unblock any kind of website is the use of a VPN. Just in a single click you can hide your IP address or encrypt your data. It easily Bypasses many restrictions you are facing while browsing websites. 

RusVPN is the fastest & secure VPN service provider. It works on multiple devices at a time if you choose its 3-month plan. By using RusVPN Coupon Code you can save a maximum of up to 70% n its 3-year plan. 

Solution 2- Use A free Proxy

If you want to unblock any website for one time you can use a free proxy. This will helps you to unblock or unbanned any website once. It is free of cost and easy to manage. Whether you are a windows user, mac, iPhone, or Android you can use a proxy to hide your IP address once.

The difference between the VPN and proxies is:- VPN encrypts your Traffic meanwhile Proxy doesn’t.  That the reason for the fast speed of the proxy. Proxies are not used to handle sensitive information. HMA website is the best source to browse the website once. Its proxy unbanned the website easily.

Switch HTTP to HTTPS

Many of the websites offer you both HTTP and HTTPS version. They deal with both secure and insecure versions. You can track the user by using the HTTP site instead of HTTPS. So, if is blocked then you can browse it by It is not an effective solution but it works many times.

Try the IP Address instead of Domain Name

Some of the site-blocking software only target the domain name but not the IP address. So you can easily browse the website by using the IP address Find the IP address and get the website which you want to browse. You can easily find the IP Address by using the Whois Lookup Tool.

How to unblock the website in other places?

All the above-mentioned steps will help you to block the website wherever you are. It doesn’t matter from where you are browsing over the internet.

How to unblock the site at school?

You probably can’t install the VPN In school or on school devices. So the use of a VPN is not so good idea to browse anonymously at school. But with the help of the free proxy, you can browse anything you want just with a click. We recommend you use HMA Proxy and browse safely.

How to unblock sites at work?

Usually when we find a browsing issue or block websites then we prefer to use VPN. VPN is the best source to unblock the website when you have administrative rights on your work and computer. But if you do not have the authority to install the VPN in a device then you can use Proxy instead of VPN.

Get the best VPN services and make your online internet browsing safe. You can use the best and affordable VPN for the long term. We recommend you use RusVPN. This one is a fine VPN provider and works on 5 devices simultaneously. In this, you will get 390+ VPN servers· more than 50 Countries · 5 continents. So choose the best and make your online browsing safer.

How to unblock sites from different countries?

While traveling if you want to browse over the internet and found many blocked websites then use a VPN. VPN is the best solution for all those who are suffering from webpage restriction issues. 


Among the multiple ways, the use of a VPN is the best method to unblock the banned website. It is easy to use and affordable too. Just in a click you can easily hide your IP address and make your online surfing anonymous. For the students, Proxy is the relevant option that helps you to make your browsing restriction free.

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