The Power of App Marketing – How This is Adding Value in Business Growth

About 52% of users access the internet through apps every day, and this number only keeps growing.

Because of this, many businesses cannot ignore the potential of mobile apps. Therefore, every business is coming out with their own mobile app.

A strategy that has been at the forefront of digital advertising is app advertising. App marketing targets people while they are using specific apps. The ads are also tailor-made by brands.

However, these advertising tactics hook consumers to products when they are leisurely spending their time on a social media app. As a result, there are greater chances of conversion and capture. 

Here is how mobile app marketing services are changing the business sphere.

Visibility all the time 

Mobile apps are excellent for brand promotion. It ensures a significant deal of popularity for the brand. This is because unlike browsers, an app is always on your phone or tablet, you constantly look at it. As a result, the brand also stays at the back of your mind. 

Apps like Instagram, Swiggy, Zomato are lending immense popularity to their brands because we frequently see them and use them. 

Valuing Each Customer 

Apps empower brands to pamper and value each and every individual customer. Through apps, brands have access to buying patterns, ordering data, favorites that help them understand their customers better. Therefore, if a traveling app, food ordering app or a tech app wishes to give discounts, they can provide personalized, individual discounts.

Apps and app marketing take an individual character at the end of the day and appeal to customers significantly as opposed to blanket offers. This is why every customer feels values through app marketing.

Using Effective Branding Tool

Mobile apps give brands the chance to make their branding ques popular. The color, the logo, music – anything that is catchy and liked by people is repeated to create recall. Therefore, your brand should incorporate all the branding ques that will remind your customers of you and the relationship you have with them.

For example, Snapchat’s combination of yellow and white is catchy and identified by all. Similarly, Instagram’s logo of a camera is now widely recognized because of the app, its utility and the presence brand has created. Make sure your app once made is a brand reminder sitting inside a person’s phone. Whether using an online logo maker or hiring a professional designer make sure the logo must convey your brand message properly to your audience and justify your brand as well.

Makes Brand More Competitive 

Not many brands have an app in the market. Therefore, by launching an app of their own, any brand can climb up the ladder of competition.

By virtue of offering an app that customers can click and install in their mobile phones, you are bringing convenience to their lives. Your brand, because of the services it offers thought the app will be more valued by customers and more likely to be taken by them. Not only does it make you a preferable choice for customers, but it also brings a lot of popularity in your brand’s way.

Marketing an app if you are an industry pioneer can bring you loads of positive popularity and media attention. Mobile app marketing agencies in the market can help your brand with press releases and publicity.

New Channel for Communication. 

An app is a direct bridge between a brand and its customers. It allows brands to give a direct mode of communication to customers. Sending a mere notification through an app ensures the brand directly reaches the customer. 

This is a major reason brands enjoy marketing on their apps. Any deal, discount, a new feature can be explained through an app notification in mere minutes.

App marketing eventually brings customers closer to brands and catalyze trusting relationships.

Higher click-through rates 

In-app ads perform 11.4 times better than banner ads. In-app ads undoubtedly have high click-through-rates (CTA). Therefore, in-app advertisements do not simply raise lead generation numbers; they also help capture and convert these leads.

Not only are in-app advertisements a more personal way to approach customers, because of preferences and data, these add also end up converting more.

Memorable ads 

In-app advertising also becomes more memorable because of the application. Viewers and customers usually open an app on their own time, when they are at leisure. That is also a time. when they are more likely to embrace advertising. Imagine shopping in a market looking for a particular brand, and only you can’t find it. What you find instead are look-alike and competitors but not that exact brand. As a customer, you can get angry when this happens.

On the other hand, coming across advertising when you do not have a plan on your mind, might even make you curious to explore its products.

There are plenty of ways to advertise your app and the most popular method is app store optimisation services. By hiring the services of an app store optimization agency, you will be able to directly influence customers when they arrive to download the app they are looking for. This again leads to better pitching right before a customer is sold to a brand.

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