Proper Athletic Diet for Before and After a Workout for Better Results

Either you are working to lose or gain weight the diet is an important part of the struggle. Workouts compromise 25% while the rest 75% is nutrition. This illustrates the importance of eating habits whether it be a workout, some athletic activity or martial arts. Sweating hard in MMA shorts or workout clothes only will not yield the results you want this to have a good diet plan holds its importance. The body we have is a great blessing but if you don’t maintain and take care, it will erode just like any other material thing. 

The body is the vehicle that drives us daily. You might have heard the saying that a healthy body and mind are the key to a healthy life. Just like a vehicle needs fuel and other oils to run smoothly and well the body needs fuel like food and water to run smoothly and well too. Like bad quality fuel can ruin your car bad quality and unhealthy foods can ruin the body. Which can, later on, be the cause and source of many health problems. 

So, first, you should have a good diet plan. Second, the food should be healthy. If you follow these two rules you can get the results you want, either it is a workout, sports, or martial arts. This will also improve your performance and recovery.

Why a good diet is important?

Before we start off with why a good diet plan is important you should know that water is also a part of the diet plan. Don’t ignore this important aspect. Now, a good diet means to eat healthy food and drink water on time. Healthy food contains the right amount of protein, carbs, fats, fiber, and other important nutrients.

The reason is that a good diet helps the body produce needed energy, which makes the body and brain function. This keeps your skin healthy and immune system working. A healthy body means less risk of diseases and better results. The diet plan would differ, obviously, according to your goals and type of activity.

Why start working out and eating healthy?

Unhealthy living and eating habits cause diseases. This enough for a reason to start living a healthy life from right this moment and onwards. Your fight begins with eating healthy which will prevent diseases like heart attack, diabetes, blood pressure, etc. The second step could be a workout routine like sports, gym, or even martial arts. Elite sports US is your source of great martial arts apparel and gear.

Now let’s have a look at the diet. Of course, a diet plan for weight loss is completely different from a person who does sports or other workout routines. However, this one is not a weight loss diet plan.


What do you do before you start your road trip on a car or motorcycle? Have a detailed checkup, fix any issues it has, put in fresh oils, and fill up the gas tank. Take what is important for the road and get going, right? 

You should do the same with your body. Get your personalized diet plan according to your workout routine, activity and goals. Then comes the fuel part. Like petrol is energy for engine food is energy for the body. It provides the required energy to perform the strenuous task. But there is a catch here, you should finish eating at least 45 minutes before the workout. Some even suggest not to eat anything an hour before the workout session.

During the workout, the body will be sweating a lot, and the brain will send messages to drink water. But that is not the right time to fill yourself up with water. Doing so will cause hindrance in reducing performance. So, what can you do? The best way is to drink enough water, at least, an hour or two before the workout. It will keep the body fresh, refill the lost water and salts, and drain the toxins from the body. Like nothing can replace good quality MMA gloves, nothing can replace a good diet.

Starting the day with healthy carbohydrates like whole-grain cereals oatmeal combined with healthy fats and protein like whole eggs or nuts. Or you can add a good portion of low-fat meat. Carbs give the body the needed energy to begin the day that is why they are super important. Adding fruits and veggies to the meal will not let the body remain short on essential fibers and needed vitamins. 

A few hours before the workout nutrient-rich juices or smoothie will act as a natural supplement. beetroot juice, pomegranate juice, or kale smoothie have high nitrates which act as natural pre-workout supplements. At least, an hour before the workout high carb diet produces enough energy for the body to go through a tough workout. Eating right before the workout will make blood flow towards the stomach which will refrain oxygen flow to muscles. 


After you are done with the workout session, muscles are hungry for protein and energy. That is why you should eat a high protein diet within an hour of workout. The sooner the better! Don’t forget to bless yourself with water. Higher temperatures and hot days would want you to fill yourself with water but don’t do that. Natural fruit juices and watery fruits would make a good source for water. 

A protein shake is a good and quick solution for the protein needs of the body. Cherry or berry juices are good for muscle soreness as they have anti-inflammatory properties. You can either add juice to your protein shake or have it afterward. 

High protein dinner having a good portion of protein is a must. You can also remove fats and carbs from the dinner plan. Salmon, shrimp, chicken, whole eggs… replace these with red meat like beef on weekends. I would recommend always adding vegetables and rice to the side but keep the potion low. Not only they add more flavor and variety to but also give you a good source of energy with needed fibers. Leafy green veggies like spinach, kale, and broccoli are a good source. 

Benefits of a good diet

Workouts are grueling, good diet keeps you on track and moving towards the goals. It helps with recovery, provide you the strength, repair and rebuilds muscles.

Your diet might have a change depending on what are your goals so it is always better to consult a pediatrician and your coach.

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