Have You Tried Martial Arts Workouts for Fitness?

Have you ever tried martial arts for fitness, like a workout? Most people haven’t thought of this because they believe martial arts is either for self-defense, fighting, or it is nothing but rolling around. Which is completely wrong. The self-defense and able to protect yourself in combat or an alarming situation are an added benefit you would get. On top of these, martial arts training and workouts make us physically and mentally fit. 

If your goal is self-defense then check out martial arts best for self-defense, because all of them are not made for this. Trying martial arts for fitness and health you will learn self-defense as a bonus. People are unfamiliar with how much martial arts improve overall fitness, not just physical but mental too. Plus, if going to the gym and lifting weight is starting to feel boring then martial arts fitness will bring a fresh start. 

Why Go for This?

Relieve from Bad Posture

Most of us sit at a desk all day long. This routine is obviously not good and would not make the body healthy. This will eventually cause problems like back and neck pain with fat belly. Martial arts training will help you regain proper posture. This will not only counter sitting posture but prevent the fat from storing up in the belly. 

Strengthened Body and Mind

Martial arts training combines the right combination of the upper and lower body and the core of the body. Which strengthens the body. Martial arts training is better than just lifting weights because it engages your mind too.

Improved Balance & Flexibility

Balance and flexibility are some of the main focuses of martial arts training. That is why those who train martial arts can stand on one leg and do a front kick. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to do these. With training, you will learn these. 

Weight Loss

The intense physical activity and training will burn a lot of calories. Boxing, BJJ, MMA are said to have the most intense training. Ready to put on MMA gloves and begin your training? If MMA is not your thing you can try other forms as well. 

Mental Health

Martial arts provide a safe ground to take out the stress and relieve yourself from stress and anxiety. 

Full Body Workout

Martial arts training is a full-body workout which also improves your stamina and strength. The training will make those muscles sore which you didn’t know were there. Either it is for weight loss, or toning the body martial arts training will do the work. 

It is one of the best training for fitness and wellness. Plus, you won’t feel tired because you will be having fun. This is why most people like it more than lifting weights.

Gaining Muscles?

However, there is one thing that martial arts training cannot help you with. Martial arts training will tone the body and even get you some muscle mass but you won’t get buff. This is not the place to train if you want to get buff like powerlifters. But definitely go for it if you want to have a good toned muscular body. 

Buff dudes cannot go with martial arts training. Because more muscle means you need more oxygen to move. Plus, more weight means less speed and mobility. Even if you start training for martial arts with big muscles, they will be reduced in size simply because the body could not handle it.

Getting Started

Martial arts training yields fast and good results. How? Because intense physical training pushes the body which helps you achieve the goals in a shorter time. Of course, the results vary depending on your current fitness level and how fast your body can adapt. So, there is not a thing to worry about if you are slower than others. You can just keep on going on your pace and keep on building. In no time you will catch up to the pace. 

In the end, you will be having a lot of fun. Then workout and fitness will not feel tiresome. So, are you ready to change your routine for once and try martial arts for fitness? If so, then let’s have a look at some martial art forms. 

Mixed Martial Arts 

MMA also is known as Mixed Martial Arts, is exactly what it sounds like, a mixture of martial art forms. MMA has high-intensity training teaching you complete fighting from standing strikes and kicking to grapple and groundwork. Because of too many techniques, it would take time to be good at it. If you are not shy of fighting then put your MMA shorts on and go. 

Muay Thai

Muay Thai is one of the best cardio workouts? It is also known as kickboxing, but there is a little difference between these two. The training teaches you how to use your fists, feet, elbows, and knees to defend and attack. You can just imagine how strong you would have to be for this. Start Muay Thai training if you want to know. 

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu

At first, BJJ might not seem too intense but once you try to hold a choke or guard or just try to get out of one, you will know. BJJ is a very demanding full-body workout. It teaches grappling and other ground-based techniques. You will be shedding a lot of sweat without even standing. 


Boxing training teaches you how to fight while standing. But it is just a myth that boxing just focuses on the upper body. Boxing training requires intense training for the lower and upper body along with the core. Boxing training will make your legs sore as no leg day could. The same goes for the arms.


Karate training involves intense a lot of isometric exercises and demanding stances. Improved flexibility, speed, and physical strength are major benefits with karate training. 

Kung Fu

High-intensity Kung-Fu movements are excellent as aerobic and cardiovascular workout. The training will strengthen the complete body. However, it takes a lifetime to be a master. 

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is great for those who do not want to involved in tough and intense workouts. This is best for older people. Build your strength, improve flexibility and stability, and clearing the mind are few main benefits. You can also start here then move on to other forms. 

Bottom Line

With regular practice, you will gain great physical and mental health benefits. Either you are looking to lose weight in a new and fun way, improve your cardiovascular endurance, boost overall fitness and coordination, improve flexibility and balance, or get toned muscular body martial arts is fun and a great way to do so. However, do not forget your goals on the way and keep on moving towards them.

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