Workout Mistakes You Might Be Making and Tips on How to Avoid Those

Regular exercise is a very good approach to a healthy life. Regular exercise helps in many ways like strengthening the body, helping sleep better, dealing with stress and anxiety, among many others. It might come as a big surprise that just sweating more does not mean you had a great workout. There are some common mistakes everyone is making and you might be a prey of those too. 

Today we will let you know of the most common workout mistakes. Don’t worry now, by the end of this article you will also have the knowledge to avoid these mistakes. Let’s start without any further ado.

Skipping warm-ups

The muscles are like rubber bands, if you put pressure on them while they are cold, they will break. Warm-up makes them ready for exercise and prevents injuries from happening when done right. They improve blood flow in muscles increasing muscle elasticity. This improves range of motion, strength, endurance, and prevents injuries caused due to putting pressure on the inactive muscle. Just do warmups before workouts. 

No game plan

Working out without a plan will waste a lot of your time, either it is a day’s or a month’s workout plan. This is why most people like to have a trainer or coach because then you’d not have to worry about the planning. 

Taking out time from your busy schedule for a workout is a part of the planning process. If you forget often then, set a reminder or put it in a daily planner. If you are having a loss of motivation then pick the necessary means to fulfill that loss. Put your workout clothes on and make yourself go for it.

Being on your phone

Being on your phone while working out will keep you distracted. In fact, you will not have an effective workout. Being on the phone actually disturbs the flow and concentration. The best way is not to keep it with you. Maybe leave it in the car or in your locker. 

If you are bold enough not to look at it during the workout period then take it. Take the pictures or record yourself when you are done with the daily routine. 

Not stretching

There are two types of stretching, static and dynamic. Static stretching is holding the muscle for a short period, like up to 45 seconds, in a challenging position. In dynamic stretching, you don’t hold a position and use muscles to bring out a stretch. Hamstring sweep and leg swing are common examples. 

Static stretches are helpful when done after a workout because they lower injury risk, help with muscle soreness and reduce heart rate. While dynamic stretches are good when done pre-workout as they help warm up the body and reduce muscle tension increasing mobility. 

Overlooking recovery

The body needs time and energy to recover. If you don’t provide the body with enough time, energy, and sleep it will not recover properly. Hence, it will keep you from growth. Rest is the best way to recover so rest well.

Being inconsistent

Being inconsistent is one of the most common mistakes. Gains and muscle growth will not be significant if you are inconsistent. Properly planed and followed workout routine will give the best results. If you don’t already have it then what are you waiting for? Talk to your coach, if you don’t have one then consult a coach or trainer. Or maybe it is time you get a personal trainer. 

Not using the right techniques

Men cannot workout wearing women’s workout clothes. Neither can you perform well wearing inappropriate clothes? Similarly, you cannot get good results using the wrong techniques and workouts. 

Want to lose fat fast, try HIIT instead of cardio. It yields fast and better results in a short time. Once you are done with that focus on building endurance and muscle. Choose and act wisely!

Getting too comfortable

Performing the same routine, the body gets used to it, then it doesn’t have any effect. To progress and get results you have to get out of the comfort zone. If you don’t want to worry about these things yourself get a trainer or coach. Increasing weights or reps, changing the routine and exercises are a few ways to bring in the change.   


Not drinking enough water is one of the most common mistakes. Water is as important as any other thing. It helps to keep the body free of toxins, keep the joints lubricated, keep the stress and inflammation away. Natural fruit juices and watery fruits are a good source of water too. 

Insufficient fuel

Don’t ever train on an empty stomach but also don’t train right after eating. Try eating at least 45 minutes prior to the workout and try to include as many carbs in that meal as you can. The workout requires energy and this will provide it. 

Eat protein-rich less carb and fast food as soon as after the workout. This is when muscles need the protein most and they are hungry for it. 

Sleep issues

Good quality and plenty of sleep are necessary for a good recovery. At least, six to eight hours of quality sleep is a must for everyone. This is the best time for muscles to recover. Just remember to finish the workout at least an hour prior to bedtime.

Not listening to the body

Our body is a great machine, it gives you hints if you pay close attention. Don’t just get lost in the workout pay attention to how you are feeling while doing it. This will help you know many things. For instance, if there is something wrong you will be feeling dizzy, nausea, or just not well. Thus, it would be the best time to stop.

Or if you are too comfortable doing the workout, not feeling like putting any effort then it is time to upgrade your workout. 

Improper form

Sometimes everything is right except your form. The body and mind are ready, you are all motivated and feeling good but improper form ruins it all. There can be certain reasons behind this. First, you might be lifting heavier than you can. Second, maybe it is not the weight and you just have to work on your form first. 

Improper form can cause injuries, severe ones. I would recommend you to learn how to maintain proper form and body angles while working out before proceeding to the next level.

Set realistic goals that are achievable. Don’t lose hope if they aren’t achieved, just plan well and try again. Don’t just rely on the weight scale. Take body measurements too and compare both. Do not be a quitter.

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