Pool Maintenance Tips

Who doesn’t love the swimming pool? In fact, having your own swimming pool at home is pretty fascinating. You can literally jump inside the water whenever you want to, and enjoy. However, keeping the pool clean and sparkling is not an easy task to do. You have to carry out proper maintenance of your pool to ensure that it looks inviting and refreshing. Swimming pool services are readily available on many different websites if you are looking for maintenance services for your pool. 

Below are some tips that you can follow to ensure that your swimming pool remains clean and crystal clear. 

Check the Water Level

This is one of the most ignored aspects when it comes to maintaining a swimming pool. You have to keep an eye on the water level and check if it’s too high or too low. The water must be right at the exact center level of the pool skimmer for the best performance. Let it be clear that if the water level is extremely low, the pump will eventually get dry and burn. On the other hand, if the water level is too high, the skimmer door will not work at its best and all the debris will be accumulated inside the pool, thus making it dirty. 

Check the Pool’s Chemistry

It is extremely important to keep an eye on the pool’s chemistry to know what actually is going on inside the water. You can purchase test strips and kits, to check the level of different chemicals inside the pool. It is advised to check the chemistry of the pool at least every two weeks and balance the chemicals. The pH level of the swimming pool should always be around 7.5. This optimum pH is safe for the swimmers. In case you test the pH and it’s way too low, you’ll have to go easy on the chlorine and add it in a much lesser amount. 

Clean the Hair

All the debris that escapes the skimmer basket, is collected in another area. The lint pot and the hair, all have to be cleaned at least about every other week. If there are a lot of people who use the swimming pool, then the cleaning should be done every third day. You easily begin the cleaning process by turning the pump off for some time to release the pressure. Make sure that the basket that is installed inside the glass lid of your swimming pool pump doesn’t get damaged. In case it gets damaged, immediately get it fixed otherwise it can disrupt your whole system. 

Keep an Eye on Pool’s Structure

If you think that carrying out maintenance of your pool is all about working on the water, then my friend, you are wrong there. You have to check the structural items of your pool, to make sure that everything is right on track. You have to look for any cracks, and weakened walls, and get them fixed at your earliest if there are any.

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