Magento Development Practices to Make Your Store SEO-Friendly

Magneto websites need a powerful strategy to handle SEO which has become a necessity in the digital world. Magento Development services manage the most popular e-commerce platforms and look for different ways to gain more traffic. 

Magento store has everything you need for an e-commerce store, from products, categories, shipping, and more. Marketers can never overlook the importance of SEO as it can affect business performance. Optimizing an e-commerce store is never an effortless task, and making it SEO-friendly requires excellent efforts, knowledge, and time. 

How to handle SEO in the Magento Store?

Add Quality Content to your store

If you have been in the digital world for a long, you know how much content matters to generate leads. Gaining higher ranks isn’t easy by just writing a few blogs with the right keywords. There is a lot that goes in the background. Search engines have evolved with time, and it has focused on delivering high-quality results. Some things to ponder while working on optimizing the content are:

  • Update content based on your target audience
  • Add more headings and sub-headings in the content 
  • Paragraphs should be short of about 4-5 lines 
  • Add bullets, lists, and numbers wherever possible 
  • Use relevant keywords precisely 

Optimize the Magento SEO content 

After having the content, it is time to ensure you don’t have any duplication, which can cause issues in the search engines. The content must be significant and straightforward that increases the readability for the visitors. Define a clear sitemap that tells where the resources are available on the website. 

Content is available in multiple formats like text, images, infographics, videos, and more. The sitemap makes it easy for the crawlers to navigate through the website. People need to work with Magento extension development companies to integrate the best extensions to add structure to the website. 

Optimize the Images 

It is not a good practice to directly add images and think it will grab the user’s attention. Before uploading any image to the Magento store, invest some time naming it using the targeted keywords. Add an ALT tag that helps users know about the image if it takes longer to load the image. 

It is recommended to add a few caption lines on the content page that clearly show to the visitors about the website content. Ensure that you do not lose resolution when you fix the image size, which will affect your impression in the digital world. There are many Magento Extensions development options available in the market, which will optimize the images. 

Work on the Page Loading Speed

Some tips to handle the page load speed in the Magento store are:

Use a fast web host 

  • The right host is essential to speed up your e-commerce store. 
  • Select the location of the server that is near to the targeted audience
  • The hosting server must have great scalability if you are aiming for heavy traffic on the website. 

Update Magento store, themes, and plugins 

  • Regular updates help in boosting the speed and optimize the performance of the store
  • There are chances in some updates they change the queries run in the database, affecting efficiency.
  • Remove unwanted Magento extensions from the backend 
  • Check the quality of the plugin before integrating it on the website

Use a minimal number of queries 

  • The count of queries will affect the website responsiveness in the search engines. 
  • There are Magento extensions that help in minimizing the usage of queries 
  • Identifying the database queries consumes a lot of time which might affect page speed

It might challenge for the beginners to work on these sections, so take help from an experienced Magento Development Services

Magento Store should be Mobile-Friendly

Having a theme that is compatible with different screen sizes is an essential part of SEO strategy. Today, they receive most of the organic traffic through mobile devices. Websites that are not mobile compatible have gained lower rankings on search engines. A simple escape is to build a Progressive Web Application that behaves and looks like an application. This will help in improving your Magento store performance in the search engines and achieve higher ranks. Some features offered by the PWA are:

  • It loads the content faster even with the slow internet connection
  • It reduces the efforts, cost, and time in the Magento extension development
  • It cache content to make sure the accessibility is excellent even when the users are offline. 
  • Not only that, but it can be added to the home screen and send a notification to the users 
  • They offer a consistent and better user-experience. 

Wrapping it up!

Applying the above tricks on your Magento store will improve SEO and gain better rankings on the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). SEO is an excellent part of the digital marketing strategy, and you need Magento Development Services to keep your e-commerce store updated with the trends. Search Engine Optimization is a complicated procedure that takes time to display results. Be sure you stay connected with the latest opportunities which are profitable for your business. 

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