Must-watch Las Vegas Comedy Shows

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1-Adam London Laughternoon

For more than 12 years, Adam London has been amusing people with his comic performances at different clubs in the country, especially in Las Vegas.

Today, this hard-working comedian/ illusionist has finally gotten his own show in The D Showroom in Downtown. Yeah, he earned it after all his dedication to his work and believing in himself.

Adam performs well-oiled showbiz chops in an afternoon comedy and magic show to provide the top entertainment for the whole family. His show is filled with gut-busting gags and mind-blowing illusions.

In his shows, he uses rubber ducks and other whimsical childhood objects in most of his illusions and comedy shows.

This stuff has become by the time his own signature. He mixes his illusions with some magic tricks to provide an amusing show, just like his comedy ones.

Over the years, London has performed on The Improv at Harrah’s, The LA Comedy Club and other clubs in the country.

Additionally, for six years, he was also seen in local Vegas legend Mac King’s Afternoon Comedy Magic Show till he finally got his own show in Las Vegas with Laughternoon at The D in Downtown.

2- The Miss Behave Gameshow

The Miss Behave is one of the top comedy shows in Las Vegas, and it as a simple too. She and her assistance of Harriet organize a few games and divide their audience into two teams.

The show starts and the game begins. Most of these games depend on phones and they are usually accompanied by prizes, a lot of prizes.

The games are much simple, she starts to the competition and the best team wins.

3- Jeff Civillico – Comedy In Action

Never think of visiting and leaving Vegas without checking out the Jeff Civillico – Comedy In Action. Jeff Civillico is a professional comedian showcasing Comedy in Action at Paris Las Vegas.

It is another irresistible one-man show where the audience can be a part of the show. This comedy show Las Vegas was voted as one of the top ten things to do in Las Vegas and the “Best Family Attraction” as well so it is a good fit for an afternoon show. Believe me, you’ll be thrilled by it.

This comedian will blow your head with his amazing tricks like keeping chainsaws, bowling pins and swords in the air, balancing a tall ladder off his face, riding a unicycle and many other thrilling stunts.

After the performance of this world champion juggler, you will be left on the edge of your seat due to his physical gags, contagious humor and awesome energy.

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4- Jokesters Comedy Club

For the adult, racy, raucous and seriously funny stand up comedy show lovers, you have to watch the performance of these amazing touring and locally based comedians performing at Jokesters Comedy Club at The D in Las Vegas.

This 75 minutes comedy show at Jokesters always delivers huge laughs. It has the top coming and veteran performers who have previously performed on TV and other clubs across the country.

Prepare yourself for this show and don’t expect less than the best dirty, seriously funny chops as well as down-and-dirty comedy jackpot, whether you are going to see a young up-and-comer or a showbiz veteran.

If you’re looking for a down-and-dirty comedy jackpot, don’t miss Jokesters Comedy Club at The D where every night.

You’ll catch a talented rotating lineup of some of the funniest comedians every night at Jokesters Comedy Club at The D.

It is an amazing Jokesters experience with great pre-show music, exclusive drink specials, games, and generous giveaways.

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