10 Winter Essentials For Your Wardrobe

I can finally say “winter is coming” without people assuming that I am referring to Game of Thrones. The show is over, the winters keep coming. And this winter is different for us all. A pandemic is on the loose and people are sick everywhere. A relatively-quiet Diwali has just passed us by; Christmas and New Year are not too far. There’s an air of survival in people’s clothing this year. And their winter essentials reflect so. No one’s wardrobe is without masks and PPE kits. In fact, if you go on Limeroad, one of India’s leading online fashion destinations, you will find fashionable masks. You can choose from a range and also save on them by using Limeroad coupons. 

When it comes to winter, you want something that can bear the weather as well as look fashionable. Sweaters and shawls pour out of your wardrobe after months of sabbatical. You spend hours choosing an outfit that may or may not work. Well, here’s a guide that will help you pick the winter essentials for your wardrobe. Mix and match with them and see what suits you the best. 

10 winter essentials for you

  1. Skinny jeans
Eco Power Skinny Jeans

Image Source: Guess

The thing about skinny jeans is that their fabric keeps you warm from the cold outside. If not warm enough, you can add more layers of clothes on top of the jeans. Skinny jeans fit well in a casual as well a work environment. Just work them with a top or a sweater of your choice and ace the winter fashion game. 

  1. Turtleneck top/jumper
Rosatro Mens Solid High Neck Jumper Winter Warm Knitted

Image Source: Amazon

Turtlenecks are great. If you want to keep your neck warm, you wear them. If you want to let your stylish long beard free onto the world, you wear turtlenecks. Woolen turtleneck tops or jumpers go with just about anything. You can wear them with a pair of jeans or shorts. You can wear a puffer jacket over them and become the life of the party. Yes, turtlenecks are versatile and you want them in your winter essentials list. 

  1. Puffer jacket

Image Source: Ebay

Talking about puffer jacket, these winter-wear are so in-trend right now. As the name suggests, their inner-puffiness is so smooth to touch that you melt away. Toss it over your jeans and top, walk the wintery streets, puffing with confidence. Whatever you pick to wear with it, this puffer jacket will liven it up. 

  1. Hoodie
Plus Black Oversized Hoodie

Image Source: PrettyLittleThing

No one’s winter wardrobe is complete without a cool hoodie. It’s a brutally cold winter day. You are comfy and snug within your house, watching movies with a cup of warm coffee. You want to make it look like you have nowhere to be. Then, put on a pair of loose pants, a hoodie and nail that casual look. 

Hoodies are the perfect ingredient to show that you don’t care about the way you do and still ooze class. That’s why they are on the winter essentials list. 

  1. Cardigans
Simplee Women's Long Sleeve Open Front Waffle Knit Cardigan Sweaters

Image Source: Amazon

Cardigans are one of the most popular winter clothes today. This is the stuff you find actors and actresses wearing in big-budget Hollywood films. It doesn’t get more high-class than this. If you have a winter picnic by the lake planned, wear a cardigan over a simple dress and blend with the wintery nature. 

  1. Knitted sweaters
Moon Face Sweater

Image Source: Pinterest

Nothing speaks cozy more than knitted sweaters. If you have come down with a fever and want to stay warm at home, wear one of these with your PJs. If you want to go to work and not look too flashy, knitted clothes are the way to go. There’s an added sentimental value to them if they have been knitted by someone close to you as a gift. That’s why, knitted clothes are not just winter essentials for you, they are also the clothes you need when you want to feel happy.

With knitted clothes, you can either pick sweater or jumper dress. You can wear plainly knitted clothes or the ones with some kind of patterns or embroidery on them.  

  1. Overcoats/topcoats
Benedict Cumberbatch BBC Sherlock Coat

Image Source: JacketsCreator

Overcoats and topcoats are both great winter garments to wear. Overcoats are more sincere and suitable to wear for work events. Topcoats are perfect to wear to outdoor parties where warmth is rare to find. Overcoats are usually preferred by adults while topcoats are mainly for the youth. Either way, they are both exquisite pieces of clothing, with only inches in difference. 

Also, if you don’t like what you’re wearing on the inside, overcoats cover your inner outfit entirely and hence get the name. 

  1. Cashmere Sweaters
Brushed Cashmere Sweater

Image Source: LuckyBrand

Cashmere is almost synonymous with the word winter. The wool is obtained from the fleece of a goat that breeds only in cold terrain. Anything made out of Cashmere wool is used almost exclusively during winter. So, it has to be on the winter essentials list. 

Cashmere sweaters are a great way to make your outfit snappy and cool. A semi-formal way to wear it is along with a collared shirt, where the shirt is coming out from underneath while the collar’s out. Cashmere is loving to your skin and brings out your fun-side effortlessly. 

  1. Scarves
Wool Mens Scarf Black Cashmere

Image Source: Amazon

A scarf on a winter outfit is like the thyme garnish at the top of your pasta. It might not do you much good in terms of keeping you warm. But if you desire the perfect winter outfit, a scarf is one of the winter essentials. Everything about scarves spells winter out for you in capital letters. 

Usually, a woolen scarf is the best to wrap your neck around, when wearing something classy or party-like.

  1. Knee Boots
How to Wear Over-the-Knee Boots

Image Source: Popsugar

Boots are all you need during winter. No sandals, no flip-flops, no slippers, none of that. Boots. Boots. Boots. Now, they can be ankle-length boots or knee-high. Both are good but the knee-high ones go better with your winter outfit. Especially, if you’re wearing a jumper dress, you can wear knee boots and not have your feet freezing. 

So, these are the ten winter essentials that you should have stacked in your wardrobe for the winter. Feel free to mix and match as you please and find your signature winter look. 

This winter will bring the curtains down on a nightmarish year. Put on some nice clothes and enter 2021 with a positive outlook, hoping for brighter fortunes.

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