5 Reasons Why You Should Buy an Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

asscher cut diamond engagement ring

The Asscher cut diamond engagement ring is one of the maximum state-of-the-art and fashionable. It is an alternative you may make in your diamond engagement ring. The greater you recognize approximately what an Asscher reduces diamond. 

You realize the records and symbolism in the back. It could assist in your selection if an Asscher reduces engagement ring. Even it is the great desire to symbolize your engagement and destiny together.

What do you Need to Know About Asscher Cut Diamond? 

What is Asscher Cut? 

An Asscher cut diamond engagement ring is a step or rectangular reduce with a small desk and square aspects. One can emphasize the intensity drawing one’s eye into the stone. While the Asscher reduce has a basic rectangular shape, much like a radiant or princess. the corners are certainly closely cropped to create an almost octagonal outline. 

This reduction has an excessive crown and deep pavilion. It historically consists of fifty-eight aspects, even though the “Royal Asscher reduce” has seventy-four aspects for even extra sparkle and brilliance.

History About the Asscher Cut

 The Asscher reduce become found through the Asscher brothers, who had been a part of the family (who owned the Royal Asscher Diamond Company) in 1902. The Asscher reduce diamond fast grew in reputation in the course of the early 1900s. You can reach its apex withinside the 1920s. Meanwhile, it becomes a spotlight of Art Deco earrings designs because of its geometric distinctiveness. 

This reduces usually has extra sparkle and a “sweeter” appearance than a well-known emerald reduce. It produces a “corridor of mirrors” impact in every stone’s intensity while nicely executed. The Asscher cut diamond engagement endured its reputation well into the 1970s and 1980s and remains pretty famous today.

Asscher Cut Shape

Meanwhile, the perfect period to width ratio of an Asscher reduces diamond. It is normally taken into consideration as per 1.00 to 1.05. it may be added both very rectangular or a piece rectangular. 

The standard dimensions are in large part a rely on private preference. however, the desk should be small in place of a rectangular emerald reduce with a bigger desk. 

Asscher reduces diamonds intensity percent comes as a critical function in its look. It ought to have a 60 to 69. An Asscher reduce with an intensity of over 70 % comes with typically too heavy. It could seem smaller than the real carat weight.

Asscher Cut Clarity

┬áSince a real Asscher reduce diamond has fifty-eight facets. the royal Asscher reduce has 74, and there may be an excessive crown. This feature attracts one’s eye to the diamond, so the readability of this kind of diamond comes with crucial consciousness. For Asscher to reduce diamonds, we advocate a VVS or VS readability. You may discover an uncommon SI1 or SI2 readability wherein the moderate imperfection can be hidden.

Art Deco Era Popularity 

 The Asscher reduced diamond changed into distinguished in unique eras in the course of history. however, it got here into its very own throughout the Art Deco technology with its ambitious antique flair. In addition, the mid-century current patterns saw a resurgence of this reduction throughout 1970. The eighties wherein it changed into observed in lots of antique and property three stone rings.


In today’s market, Asscher cut diamond engagement surely value much less than a traditional spherical great or oval reduce diamond. Now you could bring the correct time to search for an Asscher reduce diamond. An Asscher reduces diamond will usually be exceptional and timeless.

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