How to Check Private Browsing History on Phone?

Parents are worried about their children and for teens these days because of cellphone addiction. The mobile addiction among the young generation is on the rise and generation Z always seems busy on their digital phones and tablets connected to the internet. The rise and rise of cellphone technology and omnipresent internet empowers children to use cellphone devices as X-rated theater. Young kids and teens these days are using cellphone device browsers and visit plenty of websites and bookmarked webpages. Parents have concerns that they are using browsing activities for visiting inappropriate websites. Therefore, they want to check to browse history on cellphone devices. Now, they can make a check on kid’s browsers using cell phone tracking software.

Why check private browsing history?

There are plenty of circumstances under which children and teens are visiting X –rated content all day long and late at night. It has its bad effects on children’s brain likewise personality disorders in terms of aggressive and irrational behavior, anxiety, and excessive sexual activities. These are the major concerns among parents these days because teens have become obsessed with adult content. Therefore, they want to prevent teens from masturbation, and from the addiction of pornography. Parents can make a check on the kid’s browsing history with cell phone monitoring software. Let’s discuss the tool in detail that empowers you to protect children from these sorts of bad habits.

What is cellphone tracking software?

It is one of the best mobile phone trackerapp that is been developed to set parental control on kid’s devices to make sure their safety. Moreover, you can also use it on employee cellphone devices if they are spending time on unproductive browsing activities. You can use its web portal after installation and get access to plenty of powerful tools including browsing history tracker. Moreover, you can use live screen recording, call record, email tracking, IM’s logs, IM’s voice calls recording, read messages, surround recording, screenshots, and many more.

How to install a cellphone surveillance app?

If you want to make a check on your children’s or employee’s browsing history then you needs to get your hands on the best phone tracking software. Therefore, you need to visit OgyMogy webpage. Once you are on the webpage then you need to subscribe to it. In addition to that, you need to visit the email inbox. Now collect the credentials in terms of password and ID and get physical access on the target device. When you have got access to the target device start the process of installation and end up with it successfully on the target device.

 Now use the credentials that you have been procured earlier and get access to the online control panel. Now get access to the powerful features that empower you to track the private browsing history of your employees and children. Let’s get to know it in detail.

Use cellphone monitoring software Features to monitor browsing activities

Browsing history tracker

You can use the official tool of TOS that is been developed for watching browsing history on the target device. You can use the online web portal and get access to the browser. In addition to that, you can get to know visited websites, bookmarked webpage with a timestamp.

Live screen recording

You can use the web portal to activate the screen recording app when the target device user is visiting the web. You can use it for making back to back short videos of the screen and send the screen recording of visited websites and bookmarked webpages to the online control panel. Moreover, you can visit the video and get to know what sort of websites children and employees have visited.

Web filtering

If you get to know by using browsing history tracking tool that your child is visiting adult content or your employees or wasting time on unproductive websites on business devices respectively, then you can use web filtering features. It empowers you to block all the inappropriate websites on children’s phones using the URLs of the websites into the filters.


Children these days are obsessed with the cellphones and X –rated activities. That’s why you need to use a cellphone surveillance app to make a check on the kid’s browsing history.

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