Know All About React JS and The Reasons Behind Its Growing Popularity

Planning to build a feature-rich and dynamic front-end application for your business? If yes, then ReactJS is one of the most admired and widely used front-end JavaScript libraries for building exceptional web applications. ReactJS, also represented as React.JS or React, is an open-source platform that allows developers to create attractive user interfaces, particularly single-page applications. 

It was first introduced by Jordan Walke, a software engineer at Facebook. React was first deployed on Facebook’s newsfeed in the year 2011 and then on in 2012. Today, it is utilized widely to handle the view layer for easy and efficient handling for a web or mobile application. Developers prefer ReactJS and other front-end JavaScript libraries because they allow them to build large web applications where they can easily change the data without reloading the page. Another best thing about React is that it can be used with other JavaScript libraries or frameworks like AngularJS. 

Features of ReactJS

Some of the key features of React that makes it one of the best platforms for dynamic app development include:

  • It is declarative
  • It is scalable
  • It is simple yet powerful
  • It is a component-based platform
  • It provides code stability
  • It facilitates easy maintenance
  • It supports both front-end and server-side
  • It is extensive
  • It provides simple debugging and design tools
  • It is fast 
  • It offers rich UI for native apps
  • It is efficient and flexible
  • It is easy to learn
  • It has a strong and rapidly growing developer community

Benefits of ReactJS

Though there are numerous open-source platforms available for developers to develop front-end web applications with ease, the benefits of React make it superior to other competitive technologies or frameworks. Below mentioned are some of the key benefits of React, have a look:

  • Simple to Use: ReactJS is one of the simpler frameworks available in the market for developers. Even novices can learn and use this framework easily. It is a component-based approach with a simple lifecycle. React makes use of plain JavaScript, which makes it simple to learn and use for building various professional web and mobile applications. Besides using usual JavaScript for templating, React uses a special syntax known as JSX that allows developers to combine HTML with JavaScript. Developers can also choose to write in plain JavaScript, whatever way they like. 
  • Easy To Learn: As mentioned in the above point, React is very easy to learn. Anyone who has basic programming know-how, including HTML and CSS, can easily learn, understand, and use ReactJS. 
  • Provide Native Approach: One of the key reasons developers prefer React other platforms is to use React to build various dynamic mobile applications. React facilitates code reusability, which means that the same code can be used for various applications. With the help of React, developers can easily build Android, iOS, and web applications without any need to create new code every time. 
  • Facilitate data-binding: ReactJS platform facilitates one-way data binding. It uses Flux, an application architecture that helps manage data flow to components via one control point, known as the dispatcher. All these things make debugging self-contained components of large applications quite easier for the developers. 
  • Easy Testing: React is not only easy to learn and use, but it also facilitates easy and efficient testing of various React applications. 
  • Strong Community: React library is currently used by Facebook and Instagram engineering teams and external experts. With this strong community support, users can easily ask their queries via various mediums such as on the discussion forum, stack overflow, reactiflux chart, freenode IRC, social media platforms, etc.

ReactJS Development Services

When looking for scalable ReactJS development services, it is vital to choose a professional company that can provide customized web and mobile app development solutions using React. Some of the key React development services include:

  • Custom React Native app development
  • React plugin development
  • React interactive UI development
  • Server-side API integration
  • React web development
  • App support and maintenance

Many companies provide the service to hire ReactJS developers who have years of experience developing various web and mobile applications for different types and sizes of business. Companies that follow a flexible hiring process allow their clients to choose ReactJS Programmers based on their project requirements. However, before hiring developers, it is important to look at their skill set to get the best possible outcome of the project. 

Key Skills of ReactJS Developers

Here are some of the key skills of React developers that are required to create various custom solutions for different project requirements:

  • Better knowledge and understanding of the Node and NPM
  • Working knowledge of widely used ReactJS workflows, including Flux and Redux
  • Deep understanding of ReactJS and its core principles
  • Excellent knowledge of JavaScript fundamentals + ES6
  • Proficiency in using various tools and components of HTML, CSS, and JS
  • Expertise in the Git Toolkit

All these skills in ReactJS developers assure a fast, secure, simple, and scalable mobile and web application development for enterprises. 


To conclude, React is one of the best platforms for developing web and mobile applications, especially when it’s about building single-page applications. It is an ideal choice for creating any app development task fast, responsive, and user-friendly.

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