Coping With Vaginal Discharge During Pregnancy

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Leukorrhea is a harmless vaginal discharge which could take the place of your period during the 9 months of pregnancy. The concept of vaginal discharge is not a new one. In case if you are trying to become pregnant the changes of vaginal discharge could mean that you might be expecting. Leukorrhea is an increase in vaginal discharge which points to early sign of pregnancy but increase in vaginal discharge could be associated with other issues.

The definition of vaginal discharge?

Leukorrhea is thick milky white or mild smelling fluid which is a sign of vaginal discharge women experience in the starting phase of pregnancy. Once the pregnancy progresses the amount is expected to increase. It is pretty much similar to the discharge you are going to experience between periods, if not similar.

The causes

The moment you are expect a surge in the levels of estrogen hormone occurs. To the pelvic area an increase of blood flow occurs. Once more flow of blood occurs to the mucous membranes of the body, an increase in vaginal discharge is encountered. This occurs in the starting phase of pregnancy and beyond. The discharge during pregnancy removes the dead cells from the vagina, ensures a healthy balance of bacteria in the vagina is maintained and prevents birth canal from any type of infections.

Do you consider white discharge to be normal when you are pregnant?

This white discharge is normal and healthy during the entire course of pregnancy. But if it is thick it can indicate an infection all the more so if it is accompanied by other symptoms like a fishy smell.

In certain cases you might notice that the vaginal discharge is pink or brown. If it occurs in the starting phase of pregnancy it can be implantation bleeding. During the later stages of pregnancy vaginal spotting is common all the more so if you are having a pelvic or sex exam. Do consult your doctor if you have any concerns.

Tips concerning on how to deal with vaginal discharge during pregnancy

  • Spot panty liners or pads- Excess degree of discharged is absorbed and you feel more comfortable in the process. Do not use the tampons that can lead to germs on to your vagina
  • Do not resort to douching – Via douching the natural balance of bacteria in your vagina is hampered.
  • Say goodbye to wipers – The vagina poses to be a natural cleaning unit. If you alter the PH balance of your vagina it can lead to infections of the urinary tract. As far as possible try to clean the vagina with warm water when you are bathing.

Leukorrhea during pregnancy is not something to worry about. But you need to be aware on when to get in touch with your doctor.

  • When you are urinating it burns
  • Pain during sex
  • The vagina has a fishy smell
  • The discharge is yellow and greenish in colour

The moment pregnancy discharge makes a mesh of your underwear do consider it as a normal symptom of pregnancy.

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