Beat The Summer Heat With Table Fans

The summer in India is known to be very harsh and the heat is increasing every year.  Not everyone can afford air conditioners and a large population in India depends on the pedestal fans and also on the table fans to get some relief in the hot summer months.  The table fans are simple and capable of delivering direct breeze air to give some instant relief in the hot and humid summer days.

A high power table fan is portable and more a personal gadget to get continuous cool air after a long tiring schedule. A ceiling fan and pedestal fans are also capable of delivering cool air but table fans can provide instant relief as it is more direct and effective for a single person. If you want to buy a high-speed table fan in this summer you should keep in mind the following factors before buying your favorite table fan.

Benefits of a portable table fan

Table fan can be considered as the cheapest air circulation products available in the market.  The user does not worry about the installation charges and it can be installed very easily by the user. No air pollution or other types of pollutions are caused by table fans and the table fans are known to consume less power which also saves electricity bills. The reputed brands dealing with portable table fan are very much present in the online platform and it is very convenient and time-saving to buy table fan online.

The table fans are also known to enhance the working efficiency of the air conditioners as it helps to circulate the cold air in the desired direction. The strong circulation of cold air also decreases the usage of air conditioners and therefore contribute to less environmental pollution and also responsible for less electric bills.

Important things to consider before buying a table fan

There are various national and local brands who manufacture table fans in India.  It is very easy to buy a table fan as they are available in the online platform also.  Before purchasing table fan online, certain things should be considered which are discussed in the following paragraphs.

Size of the table fan:

The size of the table fan is the most important factor while buying a table fan.  The usual size of the blades is 12, 16 to 20 inches. The buyer should keep in mind about the need and select the size of the table fan according to it.  The bigger table fans are less noisy than the smaller table fans.

Power of the motor

The most efficient table fans are those which are capable of circulating the maximum amount of air in terms of cubic feet per minute.  One should evaluate this aspect before buying a table fan. An ideal table fan should make minimum noise and the noiselessness of a table fan depends on the motor of the table fan.  Ideally, a table fan should consume 50 to 100-watt power which can keep a check on the electricity bills.

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