What is the Role for a Family Consultant?

Man becomes a slave to circumstances, unless he decides to step out of their shackling frame – right now. The counselling clinic kitchener & waterloo is exactly what you need to make sure that your problems are being solved and your partner actually listens to your needs and pays attention. A mediator, who will help you solve all your problems is what every couple need. This is a must, if you really want things to work between you. It is important to choose the right therapist for you.

Family consultant – the catalyst for a started but unfinished chemical reaction

It is common knowledge that the Chinese character for “crisis” has a double meaning. It means both “crisis” and “opportunity”. An unexpected crisis in a relationship or recurrent emotional cataclysms in it can be considered a “chemical reaction” that has begun but is incomplete in time. But why is this happening?

As the Chinese character suggests, a crisis in relationships is a possibility. For a change. Both in individual life and in the context of personal relationships, critical / shaking / dissonant / non-existent events occur when the status quo has reached the limit point of imbalance beyond which change is urgent, inevitable and irreversible. However, what does deep-seated animosity feel and what is most feared in one’s entire life? Hmm. From change – the factor that renews and heals our being. The healer of our lives, including our relationship.

Thus, he / she is not / consciously caught in the trap. The connection needs a non-symbolic transformation, but he / she experiences frantic horror even at the thought of stepping out of his comfort zone, even if he is surrounded by a pathology fence. “Better known evil, before unknown-unknown-what” (you’ve heard about Stockholm Syndrome).

At this point, a family consultant appears on the scene. It is the catalyst for family counseling – a process that brings the “chemical reaction” of crisis relations that has begun to an optimal and timely outcome. In simple words – until the Decision.

Family counseling is not family planning

The way family counseling is conducted at the Insight Center is diametrically opposed to conventional counseling methods in family psychotherapy. The psychotherapist does not play the role of a judge in the relationship (giving ratings), neither as a judge (passing sentences), nor as a trustee (prescribing “expert” advice) or as an accuser (taking one’s side). The subtle art of conducting family counseling is to keep the family counselor balanced-neutral and almost imperceptible in the process of reaching the natural right decision, by bringing in the much needed peace-keeping balance and serene neutrality in psychotherapy (again, we think of the allusion with the catalyst that is and invisible, as it sometimes accelerates by thousands of times the rate of the chemical reaction in which it “participates”).

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