A Motorcycle Road Trip on a Shoe-string Budget

The Cost of traveling on a motorcycle is one of the most asked questions. First, you do not have to be rich to travel on motorcycles. It is all about how you divide and spend your budget. Second, the type of trip you want and can do depends on how much you can save and spend. Hopefully, we will shed some light onto where all that money goes during a motorcycle trip around the world. Hopefully, that knowledge will help any of you future travelers out there to plan out your own budget for a trip! Yes you can do one or even two motorcycle trips in a year by saving some money monthly from your paycheck. Today we are going to shed some light on how you can spend the  money and travel on a motorcycle with a shoestring budget. So pack your motorcycle luggage and get your riding gear on.

Choosing a destination

This is the very first part and beginning. This is where you will decide, choose your destination according to your budget. Not just the destination but the route you will be following should also comply with your budget. Of course, when you budget is short, you should choose cheaper places.

Budget for the Bike

The second most important thing is how you would be getting a motorcycle? You can either travel to the starting destination and carry on with the journey. Or you can rent a motorcycle at the starting point from some bike rental shop near the destination. Choosing the bike is also important if it is a road trip then a sports and touring bike are fine otherwise you should consider dual sport or off roading bike. You can get motorcycle bags for these bikes like tail bag, saddle-bag from Viking Bags.

For this research if the rent is cheap, the condition of the ride, renter’s conditions, and other paperwork. Of course, if that process costs more, drop the idea. I recommend riding your own bike always unless you have to travel too far away which will cost more on the motorcycle. You can get the bike shipped to your starting destination. For that also decide and tell what shipping routes you chose. These make sure to look at the estimated cost, time, and other requirements for the shipment. For instance, some shippers require you to pack your bike properly for the journey. 

Fuel costs

After deciding where to start and end the trip, including the routes. The next thing is to allot some money for the fuel. Of course, you will be traveling on the bike and that would require gas. This depends on the distance, fuel consumption and efficiency of your motorbike. If you cannot decide for yourself, a Google search will give you a rough idea. But you might have to work your way through it. 

Otherwise, calculate the trip distance, average your motorcycle travels in a liter, sum of fuel prices along the route. And get a fair idea of how much it will cost. 

Ride maintenance

Don’t ignore the maintenance even though you just got the bike repaired and all maintenance done just before the trip. If your trip is a long distanced one then you will have to do it anyways. But short distanced travelers can save on this part.

Small issues like oil change, breakdowns, worn tires, chain replacement or tightening, brake pads, brake and clutch levers and wires are naturally bound to arise. Be prepared by bringing along the required tools and accessories. It is better if you know how to do the repairs yourself elsewise you should find a mechanic nearby to get things done.


Accommodation includes a place to stay, toiletries, water, showers, toilets, and other essential necessities, forget luxury. Booking your accommodation in advance is always good. It also lets you have accommodation for cheap. Make sure to compare a few before booking. Always pack toiletries and other important items you might need. This way they won’t cost you much because you were to buy them anyway every month. Hostels, dorms, RV parks, and campgrounds are a few options, look for a place where you can stay for free. 

If you are going to camp then you would need things like jetboil, food, crockery and silverware. Camping or not carrying water with you, at least, enough for the time you would be riding. Find your camp ground before the sun sets. 


There is no trip without food. You can cook it yourself if you can, i.e. have time and space. The ready-made option is convenient but expensive. Dine-in, take away, and drive through is also an option. Street food is good and cheap and recommended on such trips. Make sure of hygiene as far as you can.

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