Why Are You Confused About Your Right Decision?

Most of the hard decisions are made after a lot of thinking, researching, and fighting with your own mind. But even after that, more than 50 percent of people regret their decision. You will not always have someone behind your back to talk to when you can’t decide. Some decisions need to be self-taken, and those are the hardest ones.

There are some major reasons why people get confused about their right decision:

1. Trust Issues

Self-confidence plays a massive role in the process of decision making. If you don’t trust yourself, then it’s challenging to find clarity and make the right choice; even if you spin a prize wheel, you won’t be able to trust it!

Always remember that confidence comes from experience, which is why you have to start believing in yourself. Take a risk and begin with little things.

2. Waiting for a Sign

Some signs work like a ray of hope when you cannot decide something. But how do you know that you will always find a beam?

So instead of waiting for something to happen, why don’t you make it happen? Create your own path without worrying about getting lost; easy means you have to take the help from a prize wheel!

3. Information Overload

Have you ever noticed that, whenever we research a lot about something, it becomes more difficult to stick to something? We will continuously be telling us that maybe the other thing might work better. This is why gathering information is excellent, but it should not overwhelm you.

4. Comfort Zone

The more we get used to something, the more it becomes challenging to think by going out of that box. That is the moment when we start feeling uncomfortable. For example, when we were at school, we knew that all we have to do is study and get promoted to the next class. But growing up, it becomes more and more difficult to set goals and move toward it.

So it’s essential to train your mind to be flexible in such difficult situations.

What to do to make The Right Decisions?

Decision making is truly a powerful process. One decision gives birth to a lot of events. So you need to make yourself flexible enough so that you can swiftly decide according to the circumstances.

Do not worry about what will happen. Its okay to think through some things before making a decision, but don’t over think. There is a reason why they say, “Go with your gut.” Give some attention to what you want. One thing you can do is let a prize wheel make your decision. It may sound a little crazy, but really works! Assign your much confusion to the different prizes, and just spin the wheel!


You may have heard a thousand times that the future is fixed; it cannot be changed. But do you know your future ultimately depends on your right decisions? Every decision you take, your future is being reshaped according to that! Crazy, isn’t it? All you need to do is, without questioning what you will do in the future, think about what you need to do now. Just spin a prize wheel and go for whatever the result is.

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