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Repairing Of Damaged Hair

Even if you are taking proper care of your hair it is difficult to avoid damage or dryness. In the hair there are three layers of strands, the inner layer is Medulla that is surrounded by middle layer as cortex. Cuticle is the outer layer, which is known for the upkeep of your hair. When this layer is spoiled your hair becomes fragile and is prone to damage. The use of ketoconazole shampoos in India might be an effective solution in such cases. A combination of environmental and chemical factors in the form of pollution or dust particles has negative impact on your hair.  Before we set forth on how to cope up damaged hair, we need to outline the causes of it


Once you are going to bleach your hair, the cuticles help to get rid of the stain from your hair. Since the moisture in the hair lacks to dry, your hair is expected to become dry and brittle. If you provide heat to bleaching it is expected to pep up the procedure and is known to cause a lot of damage to your hair.

Hair Colouring

Once you are colouring your hair, it might seem to be a harmless affair. In fact the chemicals present in such chemicals can cause a lot of damage to your hair. The lasting dyes go on to cause permanent damage to your hair.

Over brushing

Do not brush your hair rather than specified levels as it will cause abrasion of your hair. This can lead to split ends as cheap brushes can remain trapped in your hair causing a lot of damage.

Tips to prevent damage of hair

  • From the everyday elements, your hair is known to take a major beating. Too much exposure to sunlight, wind or rain can lead to dryness and if not checked properly can crack. You need to provide additional protection for your hair by opting for conditioning once in a week with oil treatment or an exhaustive mask. This is going to prevent nurture from your strands and will provide your hair with a healthier look.
  • Experts are of the opinion that you should not comb your hair when it is wet. Rigorous or repeated combing can damage the cuticle of your hair that could pave way for breakage and lead to split ends. In order to keep away from such situation, comb your hair after you apply conditioner in the shower. This is expected to work like a barricade as the hair strands can be coated. Through the knots and tangles it is easy to work. Choosing of wide brush is the key as more space is provided to the strands, pointing to the fact that not a lot of force might be required in order to detangle them and hair has to be worked softly in sections

To conclude a DIY regime is not that is called for damaged hair. The use of anti-dandruff shampoo ketoconazole India works out to be a remedial solution paving way for proven results.

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