Which Things Makes Cabo Famous?

Things to do in Cabo San Lucas

Cabo is known for much more than just the sun and sand. Here are some things you can look forward to. Cabo is well-known for many reasons. This is why it is a top choice on most people’s travel bucket lists. We will be exploring some of the most unique aspects that make Cabo special, including the celebrities and the aquatic adventures. The funny Things to Do in Cabo San Lucas during your holiday.

Festivals and Faith

Cabos residents have Roman Catholicism practiced in nearly every home. Faith is a major part of their lives. Cabo’s traditions are largely based on faith, as well as its surrounding environment and its events calendar. You can visit many historical sites, including the San Jose Del Cabo Church, the most popular landmark in Cabo.

The site has had a church since 1730. The current building was built in 1940. This means that the church has literally grown with Cabo’s people over the centuries. A variety of architectural and artistic masterpieces tell the story about some of the most important historical events that took place in the church. Mass is celebrated every day, with an English service on Sundays at 12 pm.

Faith has an important impact on various of Cabo’s annual festivals such as the San Jose Del Cabo Tradition Festival. This festival is in honor of Cabo’s patron saint (San Jose) and to mark the 1730 building of the church.

The Festival of Cabo San Lucas is another local tradition that involves sailing a Saint Luke statue out to the bay, past the Arch at Lands End (a great spot for snorkeling), to ask for another year of prosperity.

A-List Location

Cabo is fast becoming a top-rated holiday destination, rivaling places like Bali and the Maldives. Cabo is the ideal winter getaway because it boasts over 300 days of sunshine each year and warm temperatures throughout.

Celebrities such as Christian Bale and Jennifer Anniston have chosen Cabo to be their destination. Cabo is the destination to choose if you want to experience an A-list lifestyle and increase your Instagram followers.

Water Adventure

Cabo is home to some of the best marine life anywhere in the world. Whale watching is the most popular activity in Cabo. Cabo is the ideal spot for whales to have calves.

Cabos waters are home to gray whales and humpbacks as well as blue whales, sperm, and orcas during whale watching season (April through December).

This is why a lot of Cabos’ tourism industry is focused on whale watching. There are many tours that allow you to get close and personal with these magnificent marine mammals. We provide the best Things to do in Cabo San Lucas.

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You may prefer to be more involved in exploring Cabo’s waters. This is because the waters are popular for snorkeling and diving. It allows you to experience the seabed, its fascinating aquatic life, and cool off from the Cabo heat. There are many tours that you can take throughout the region, just like whale watching.


Cabo is also well-known for its vibrant culture. Although we’ve mentioned two major festivals that take place annually, Cabo is also known for its vibrant culture. However, the authenticity of Cabo is evident all year.

A vibrant mural runs the length of the building in “Casa de la Cultura”, which is appropriately named. The design communicates Cabo’s artistic essence through its use of color and design. The building houses Cabo’s artistic scene.

You can see examples of modern and traditional arts as well as crafts that have been used in Cabo for centuries. You can take home a piece of Cabo’s culture by visiting one of the many artist marketplaces on-site.

To truly experience Cabo, you don’t have to go to a specific place. You can discover Cabo’s cultural heritage by simply walking through downtown Cabo and talking with locals.

Important for So Much More

These are just a few things that make Cabo an iconic tourist destination. We could list many more. Cabo offers something for everyone. From big New Year’s celebrations to eco-travel, destination marriages, historic landmarks and cruising, there is plenty.

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