What to Expect at a First Dental Visit?

What to Expect at a First Dental Visit

Is this your first time at the dentist? Or has it just been too long since you cleaned and checked your teeth? Whatever the circumstances, patients always want to know what will happen and how the process will take place.

In Kennedy Square Dental Brampton, you can expect a dental experience ahead of your time – an experience focused on your comfort and well-being above everything. Having a proper and professional dentist will take away all the pressure and tension, making sure you are relaxed and enjoying your visit, knowing that nothing bad or scary will happen. It is important to gain trust and believe in your dentist fully and completely without doubting in their work.

Our goal is to provide a friendly environment in which you can curiously ask about everything, while enjoying the highest level of dental care.

How your first visit will look like

*First, new patients receive a thorough examination to assess the current health of the teeth and the need for treatment. This includes dental examination and updated X-rays.

*Even if you had X-rays in the past, you need to repeat them to determine the current state.

*X-ray images are a valuable tool for diagnosing and evaluating potential problems that an eye scan cannot show. A dentist can make X-rays and see results in the same, initial visit.

*A standard routine, along with X-rays, is a warm talk about the condition of your teeth, followed by a physical examination of your teeth and gums.

Below you can find some of the procedures you can expect on your first visit to the dentist.

*A detailed examination of the oral cavity.

*The review starts when you sit in a comfortable dental chair.

The first thing a dentist looks at is the state of your teeth and mouth and looks for potential problems such as:

Damaged gums
Higher amount of stone and plaque
The direction of teeth grows

During the examination, the dentist will also talk to you. They will ask you if you have pain in your teeth, increased sensitivity, or are concerned with your teeth.

Accordingly, a cavity examination of the cavity can be compared with going to your local doctor where the diagnosis is made, followed by treatment.

Getting X – Rays

After examining a dentist will instruct you to perform X-ray teeth which is a short and painless process.

It is a method of using a RTG device for diagnosing and highlighting potential problems based on orthopedics that are otherwise not visible to the naked eye.
Thanks to modern technology, X-ray results can be shared the same day and stored in a database where they will be available for further comparisons or additional reviews.

Make sure to find our contact information on Google and YellowPages. Obtain our phone number and call us today to schedule your dental appointment and have your teeth checked out.

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