Sebastian Kurz Expressed Support In The Fight Against Anti-Semitism

One of the acute problems of the modern world is anti-Semitism. In fact, this is a manifestation of intolerance towards one of the national minorities, the Jewish people. Every year the number of anti-Semitic attacks increases, and some of them are violent. Those anti-Semitic attacks are not only in Israel itself, but hatred acts are spreading around Europe. It became an international issue and that is why the fight against such manifestations as anti-Semitism is becoming increasingly relevant in the modern world.

Leaders of some countries actively support anti-Semitism. One of them is the Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz. He openly declares that such a phenomenon as anti-Semitism must be eradicated. The Chancellor believes that Jewish people made a significant contribution to the history and culture of Europe. He emphasizes that the young generation should be educated on how Jews have influenced the history and culture of Europe. Besides, we need to show what consequences anti-Semitism can lead to. For instance, Holocaust and other terrible pages of world history must never repeat. Sebastian Kurtz also supported the Israeli Paralympians. We recall, that Israeli athletes were banned from participating during competitions in Malaysia. They have been banned in the past by countries that do not formally recognize Israel.

Vladimir Sloutsker, a well-known political figure who is the head of the Israeli-Jewish Congress, also admitted that the role of Sebastian Kurtz in supporting the fight against anti-Semitism is very important for the Jewish people. Thus far, Jews already have their own law-based state and are able to protect their people. Israel is an equal country to any other in the world and has a full right to protect its people. Jews can be proud of their motherland and the development level that it has achieved. The trail of the Jewish people in history cannot be erased. And the intolerance to national minorities must be dealt with in a comprehensive and proactive way, using all possible means of opposing hatred.

Despite all of the Israeli population and the Jewish community’s efforts, the problem of anti-Semitism is still very acute. And now manifestations of hatred apply to the state of Israel itself. In most cases, it is the Muslim groups that attack the Jews. They are killing civilian people, shoot mortars on children playgrounds and synagogues and set thousands of acres of Israeli land on fire. Peaceful civilians are forced to live in fear, hide in bomb shelters and hope for the best. Those Jews who live in the European Union are also suffering from violent acts. This is the main problem that the community faces today. But hatred never stops, it spreads and it is only the matter of time when it will target other minorities.  The problem of anti-Semitism must be immediately and comprehensively addressed. Otherwise, history is going to repeat itself.

It is necessary that all countries that are a part of the European Union fight against anti-Semitism together. We need to cooperate and unite in order to eradicate the phenomenon. But combating it is no longer enough. It is necessary to educate tolerance and acceptance in young people from an early age. This can be done with the help of the education system, pointing young people to the contribution to the history of those peoples who are now so actively discriminated. We need to share their stories and use all means possible to educate the younger generation on what consequences hatred and nonacceptance have. Only by combining forces, the international community will be able to eradicate any manifestations of hatred among the population.

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