What Are the Before and After Requirements of Microblading?

Microblading before and after

Microblading is the latest trend in eyebrow fashion in the market. It goes well with the recent popularity of thick and full eyebrows that has gained traction and popularity among the masses. Microblading provides a longer-lasting solution to those with the problems of thinned-out eyebrows, or eyebrows that are not full and well defined. It is a longer-lasting option to using an eyebrow pencil and is also much more effective.

While brow microblading is a procedure that can give you beautiful, lush eyebrows, it does come with certain restrictions. You should go through this checklist of microblading before and after, before going through with the process.

The Thing to Check Before Microblading

  • One of the first things to remember before going through with microblading is that you should have had no Botox treatments within 3-4 weeks, before the date of your microblading appointment. This restriction also applies to other intensive skincare programmed such as chemical peels and retinol-containing anti-aging treatments. They can adversely affect the metabolism of the pigment being laid down during microblading, causing earlier loss of the microblade pigment from your skin.
  • Sunburns should be avoided before the procedure, as sunburnt skin reacts to the pigment being laid down differently. Heavy sweating from the brows before or after the process is also to be avoided as much as possible, as the sweat glands’ excessive functioning and the secretions themselves can dilute the pigment before it is properly embedded in the skin.
  • Consumption of alcohol and caffeine on the day of the procedure should also be strictly avoided.

All of the precautions to be taken before the brow microblading procedure are designed to keep your eyebrows in a healthy state after the microblading procedure and ensure that the pigment gets deposited adequately.

Things to Check After Microblading

  • The restriction of botox treatment extends to a period of 3-4 weeks after the procedure as well. Chemical peels, tanning, or waxing should also be restricted for the same duration after you go through with the microblading procedure.
  • The healing process of microblading usually takes anywhere from 14 days to a month to complete, varying from person to person. During this healing period, you may feel a burning or cut sensation in the eyebrows. This is a natural occurrence and should not be a cause for alarm. Your desired eyebrow appearance should start to materialize after about 2 weeks as the pigmentation starts to mature.
  • The final thing to consider after you have gone through with microblading is that it is only semi-permanent and will fade over time. To keep up the natural look for your eyebrows, it is highly advisable that you for regular touch-ups under a professional.

In Conclusion

Microblading has greatly risen in popularity due to its effectiveness in producing a natural look and longevity. By going through the microblading before and after checklist discussed here, you can be assured of having the complete microblading experience.

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