6 Best Features of CCleaner in Windows

CCleaner developed by Piriform is a privacy and cleaning tool that helps in getting rid of unused and unwanted files from various devices alongside invalid Windows registry entries.

This software frees up hard disk space and cleans traces of online activities like browser history etc.

Furthermore, prioritising the privacy of the user and allowing the Windows system to operate even more smoothly.

It had originally been developed for Microsoft Windows only. With time, this software was made available for Android and IOS users as well.

The major reason why it’s so widely used is that it takes less than a second to run this software, and it contains no Adware and Spyware.

Today it stands amongst the top, long-established system cleaners and is available in 58 different languages worldwide.

Apart from the features of this software and the excellent services provided by them, CNET also played a major role in popularising CCleaner.

CNET announced CCleaner to be a ‘must-have tool’ and awarded it with an Editor’s Choice Award in April of 2009.

Welcome to this article on TechyHost, which provides a few features because of which CCleaner became very popular are listed down below.

Here are the six best features of CCleaner in Windows

1) Smart and scheduled cleaning

  • The CCleaner software provides its users with smart and scheduled cleaning services.
  • CCleaner automatically cleans the user’s PC once it detects a certain amount of junk files and folders anywhere on their operating system.
  • This service is automatically set at a threshold of 0.5 gigabytes, which makes it even better.
  • One can also set this up to clean their web browsers and tabs each time they close them to ensure smooth running and privacy.

2) Privacy

  • Apart from getting rid of unused files being a vital function performed by CCleaner, this software also makes sure to protect the privacy of its user.
  • Sometimes, when the user deletes a particular file, it does not necessarily mean that the file has been wiped out from the computer entirely.
  • It could still be lurking around in the cache somewhere.
  • A regular cleaning done by CCleaner helps to make sure that whatever has been deleted from a computer is wiped out completely.
  • CCleaner also cleans traces of one’s online activities like browser history and tabs etc., furthermore allowing the Windows system to operate even more smoothly.
  • The best part about this software is that it is 100% free from any type of Adwares or Spywares.

3) No Adwares and Spywares.

  • Sometimes, Adware’s and Spywares can slow down a system and hinder its functioning. Viruses can damage the device, completely risking the security and privacy of the user.
  • The best part of using CCleaner software from the consumer’s perspective is that this software does not contain any forms or types of Adware’s, Spywares and Viruses.

4) Supports many browsers and operating systems.

  • Originally, this software was developed only for devices running on Microsoft Windows operating systems.
  • Later on, with time, this software was made available to IOS and Android users as well. Thus, increasing its targeted audience can also be seen as a good marketing move to increase sales and reach.
  • Similarly, CCleaner supports many browsers like Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, Phoenix, Netscape Navigator, Avant, K-Meleon, Rockmelt, Pale Moon, and a lot more.

5) Increases the device’s life span.

  • Most companies only have a 3-4 year refresh rate for their operating system (Windows PC).
  • However, a corrupted registry is enough to slow down or even cause permanent damage to a device in the gap of 3 years.
  • This is where CCleaner comes into action. Regular use of this software helps eliminate such problems and increases the life span of the device by as much as a whole year.
  • Not only does it speed up the device, but it also saves the user money that they would otherwise have to spend on hardware.
  • However, sometimes, it’s also reported to be eating up system memory due to constantly being run in the background.
  • Separate tools provided by this software give its users a chance to update out-of-date software on their PC, which is great for fixing minor software bugs, glitches, optimize PC’s startup process and boosting the overall cybersecurity of the device.
  • This feature makes it cost-efficient as well and tells us how much the developers care for its user base.

6) Well developed customer support service.

  • CCleaner prioritizes its customers and has customer support services to be available 24/7 for them.
  • If any help regarding the software or license information is required, or if any queries in the forms of emails are submitted, CCleaner makes sure to get back to its customers’ right way.
  • However, it does not provide phone or chat support.
  • Moreover, such a support service ensures software users fully trust what they’re using without any hesitation or second thoughts.


In conclusion, CCleaner is a good system utility suite that performs various functions, from software uninstallation to getting rid of unused and unwanted files along with invalid Windows registry entries from a device. It has become widely popular due to its best features like smart and scheduled cleaning, 100% user privacy, no adware’s and spyware, supporting many browsers and operating systems, increasing the device’s life span and providing well-developed customer support service.

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