Variations in Wash Basins

One can plant a wash basin at the dining area, in the kitchen or even inside the bathroom depending on their house plans and their needs. It is said that most wash basins are made from ceramics but at present many acrylic and stainless steel made wash basins are also available.

But ceramic wash basins always look aesthetically good. They are a bit on the heavier side when compared to acrylic or steel wash basins.

Before doing wash basin online shopping, one needs to know about all the types and varieties that are available these days and then choose from them.

Integrated pedestal

This is a very modern and new to the market design when it comes to wash basins. It works as a single piece toiler. Here, the wash basin and the pedestal are not produced separately and so they are produced in a single mould as a sanitary ware. Here, the design of the entire thing looks stunning and it looks very classy when they are installed. However, it might get problematic because both the things are fused together and it is very costly as an investment.

Wash basin with pedestal

It is a very common kind of wash basin and they are supported with pedestals. They are mostly made of ceramics only. The basins generally have a rack bolt hole and it has to be fixed on the wall and pedestal is used to hide the water drain pipe. In an open area this type looks the best. There are 2 variations here, wash basin with full pedestal and wash basin with half pedestal. The first one is supported by floor and the basin is fixed on the wall and the other one where both the things are fixed on the wall with the help of a rock bolt hole and a screw.

Corner Washbasin

This is a type of wash basin which is mainly installed in hotel bathrooms. It is mainly hung wash basin and as the design shows it looks like a corner wash basin. This can easily be fixed in the corner of the bathroom. By doing this, one can save a lot of space in the room.

Cabinet Wash basin

As the name suggests they never have a rack bolt hole. It is a kind of a basin which has a flat surface in the bottom so that it can be placed on top of a flat surface or of a shelf. They are available in various sizes.


This is another type of wash basin which is mainly rectangular in shape and the basin comes with a tap hole. The depth of them varies from 150 mm to 500 mm. They never have a rack bolt hole as a part of the design and they can be made from stainless steel as well.

So, one can easily buy wash basin online after getting a clear idea about all these variations that are available. Installing wash basin is also not a very hard task and one can easily do that.

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