Up Your Fashion Game! A True Guide for Fashionistas

Let’s be honest, we all wish to look like off duty runway models. There is something about the way they carry themselves, just so effortlessly and flawlessly, that we just cannot have enough. 

There are days when we feel super inspired, and we create stunning and memorable outfits. But, there are also days when nothing makes sense and chaos reign supreme. On such days, all that is required is a minor intervention. A small swap may lead you somewhere unexpected and beautiful.

If you are an aspiring fashionista with love for all things fabulous, this is just the place for you. The following are eight tips to help you up your fashion game unlike ever before. Feeling uninspired? Don’t worry, we have got you covered. Let’s get started. 

  • Balance your proportions

We all have different body types. While some of us flaunt a slim waist, others are blessed with fuller hips. The goal is to highlight your best features and downplay the parts that we are not the most confident about. 

One of the best ways to balance your proportions is by adding opposing volumes. For instance, if you have a heavier bust and you wish to draw attention away from it, wear wide-legged trousers to balance the lookout. Avoid anything oversized, as it will make your bust seem bigger. 

Similarly, if you are pear-shaped, keep it simple with your pants and go all out with your tops and bring the focus upwards. Try a bold puffy-sleeved top or a vibrant scarf. Distract attention away from your insecurities and divert them to your strengths.

  • Keep it trendy but appropriate

Trends change by the minute, and let’s be real; it can get quite exhausting. The key to becoming a fashionista is not just embracing trends but also customizing them and making them your own. With every changing trend, find one that resonates with your style aesthetic and then style it in your own way. 

Let’s take crop tops, for instance. They are fun and fuss-free. If you wish to channel the same fun energy but also make it your own, style your crop top with high-waisted pants or a skirt. You can layer your crop top with a leather jacket or perhaps a coat. 

Style your outfits in a way that makes you comfortable and authentically you. Your signature style is what sets you apart from the crowd.

  • Wear the right bra

We cannot emphasize the importance of good underwear. Your bra can make or break your entire ensemble. It is critical to wear a properly fitting bra that does not sag or bulge and makes your silhouette appear toned and trimmed. 

Your bra strap should sit right between your shoulder and elbow. Your bra’s front panel must lay flat, and there must be no gap or wrinkle in the bra cups. Moreover, your bra must not create bulges or hike up. 

You should be able to squeeze just two fingers under your bra band with it feeling snug: that is your perfect size. Invest in good underwear. Trust and believe your life will be changed forever.

  • Refrain from being all matchy-matchy

Matching clothes is fun, but it can get quite boring and meh. Instead, we suggest wearing colors that complement one another. If you are new to this, seek the help of something as simple as a color wheel.

The colors that lie opposite to one another on the color wheel make excellent pairs. Some of the most loved color combinations have been taken from the color wheel, such as orange and blue, red and green, etc. 

Introduce other exciting elements, such as texture and color, to your ensemble with the help of accessories. 

For instance, if you are sporting an all-black ensemble, throw on a pair of red pumps and style it with a matching red handbag. Perhaps introduce a third color into the mix. However, make sure to not go super bright. If you already have one bright color in the mix, the third color pick should be a neutral tone. 

  • Endorse modest cuts

Modest cuts make showing skin very selective and classy. Do not give people too much to look at in one go. Instead, direct their focus towards one thing. 

For example, if you wish to draw attention to your stunning legs, a slit dress is a good idea. If you wish to attract all eyes on your back and shoulder, go strapless. 

The same rule also applies to your outfit’s overall fit. A well-fitting dress with a modest neckline and length is just as sleek as it is sexy. Similarly, if you are rocking a short skirt, opt for a flared fit instead of an overly fitted one for the best aesthetic. 

  • Invest in everyday staples.

Your everyday basics form the foundation of your entire style aesthetic. They are reliable, versatile, and effortless. 

What sets an average outfit apart from a stellar one are the basics. If your basics are of good quality, they will elevate your look from basic to a banger in a heartbeat (pun intended). 

Therefore, prioritize investing in basics as opposed to statement pieces because basics guarantee the most use. 

However, make sure not to spend too much on them either. Just make sure they are of good enough quality to bear everyday use and wear. Pay attention to the fabric you are working with and if it will hold up. If the price point exceeds your affordability, wait for a sale or scour your local thrift store. 

Be smart when investing in basics. Sure, price point matters, but that does not mean buying from the two-for-two aisle. 

  • Develop your signature style.

Every fashionista sports a signature style, their foolproof look. Figure out our all-time best look and endorse it fully. Once you have a signature style set, you can customize it with variations. 

Take the outfit you feel the most comfortable and yourself in. If you are unaware of what that outfit is for you, do a poll and ask people around you what suits you best. Then, add or subtract pieces to that signature ensemble according to different themes. 

Let’s assume your signature style involves a flirty sundress and flats. You can switch up with your outfit’s theme and take it to the next level with outerwear, perhaps. For a rustic and casual look, a custom denim jacket paired with sneakers is your best bet. In contrast, for a more professional outlook, a pair of pumps and a blazer works best. 

  • Mix prints and patterns

Mixing up prints and patterns is very chic and high fashion. The print-on-print style aesthetic exudes a very confident and mod aura that is hard to resist. However, mixing and matching prints can be risky. If you fail, you may end up looking like you dressed up in the dark. 

When it comes to mixing and matching prints, remember to stick to a singular color family. Opt for a similar if not the same background hue. Once you have the color sorted, move on to print. 

A classic tried and tested combination is that of stripes and polka dots. Experiment with floral patterns, geometric prints, such as checks or squares, and if you are feeling adventurous, animal print. Do not pair similar prints together, such as plaid and houndstooth. The goal is to make your outfit interesting, not monotone or mono-print. 

Another thing to remember with print-on-print dressing is to keep everything else, including your accessories, understated and minimal, so your outfit does the talking for you. 

  • Parting thoughts

Styling is an art acquired by practice. With trends changing by the minute, finding your own unique style can be quite a struggle. If you wish to evolve your fashion game, do not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone every once in a while because you never know you may stumble upon a new favorite. Use our style guide to up your fashion game in a timelessly classic yet uniquely trendy manner. In the everlasting words of Yves Saint Laurent, “Fashions fade, style is eternal.”

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