Cartier Love Bracelet Small vs. Regular Bracelet

Memorialize your Love with a Cartier Bracelet

The iconic Cartier bracelet was the brainchild of Italian-American born jewelry designer Aldo Cipullo. This Parisian luxury jewelry brand has been making timeless pieces since its inception in the 1800s. The Cartier Love Bracelet is the most popular and well-loved design. 

The reason why the Cartier Bracelet is so iconic is due to its amazing mechanics. Unlike traditional bracelets, which can be put on the wrist like a bangle, the Cartier bracelet requires a screwdriver. Every Cartier bracelet comes with its screwdriver, which can be used to open the bangle. 

The screwdriver is generally won by the partner of the one who adorns the bracelet. The bracelet symbolizes the life and the connection between the couple.

The thought behind this mechanism is that you are locking this relationship in for the longest run; after all, Cartier jewelry is all about timelessness.

Celebrate Your Love With The Best Love Bracelet in The World

There is no doubt why this amazing bracelet is so popular all over the world. You will find the biggest celebrities in the world adorning their wrists with a Cartier Bracelet. Made with beautiful diamonds and precious metals like gold, white gold, pink gold, and even platinum, it will be the perfect tribute to your relationship.

The love bracelets have an oval shape that helps accentuate your wrists, making them look delicate and beautiful. Now, the main question comes whether you will go for a regular love bracelet or a Cartier bracelet small. 

Cartier Love Bracelet small vs. The Regular One

There are two types of Cartier bracelet. The first one is a regular one whose size was created in 1969. The other one is a smaller model. The Cartier Bracelet small has a thinner frame. If you get a bracelet from the small model in a diamond-studded version, it will have 10 brilliant-cut diamonds.

In comparison, a diamond-studded version of the regular will have four brilliant-cut diamonds. Both designs are available in 18 carats Colored Gold like yellow, white and pink gold, and you have to keep in mind that the size does not affect the bracelet’s circumference.

The small and the regular Cartier bracelet both come with screwdrivers. The mechanism for the Love bracelets remains the same. It is just the width that gets affected. 

Different sizes of Cartier Love Bracelets

Cartier bracelets in small size and regular come in seven different sizes, ranging from 15 to 21 cm.


Get a Cartier bracelet to celebrate your love with your partner. The amazing timeless mechanism of the bracelet will be symbolic of your relationship.

It doesn’t matter whether you are getting a Cartier bracelet in the small size of the regular one as both are beautiful with the only difference in their width. It all comes down to your personal preference as whatever you will be beautiful; after all, it is Cartier Bracelets.

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