The Role of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in Transforming UI/UX Design

Being a niche field, user experience or UX is and will always be in demand. With each task getting digitalized, increased interest in technology related concepts like artificial intelligence and machine learning has been gaining popularity.

The rise of AI and Big data being embedded into our technology has inspired a new generation of designers to look for user-centric web solutions by utilizing the scope of these new technologies. Lets see how UI/UX design in Bangalore can be transformed by big data and AI.

How AI helps UX designers

To save effort put in

The innovations in the area of artificial intelligence and its integration with UX can help designers save their valuable time and effort. With AI, you can utilize its power to make the work of designers easy and fast. More importantly, hectic tasks like banner placements and translations can be handled by AI, thereby having more time and allows designers to channel their effort to work on complex tasks.

Support in customer care

With millions of people active, that too in different time zones, the web hardly gets any rest. In such a scenario, businesses could take advantage of AI like automation and Chatbots while people are offline. Chatbots will handle the customer queries when customer service is not live. Whereas, automation will help to automate sending notifications and updates to users.

Customize user experiences

AI personalize data collected from users and deliver customized content on which they are interested in. One example of this type of AI is the implementation of Rank Bain in a google search. By studying the search history of the user, the search engine delivers answers by understanding user intent.

Understanding the role of UX design in AI

The UX design approach is highly significant for AI applications and the designers need to conceptualize a design that resolves the complexity of technology. Only then, a business can smoothly integrate UX design with AI and big data. Here are some of the role UX design plays in the area of AI.

Accuracy of feedback

Machine learns input signals and stores them in memory servers so that every time when a user searches for something in search engines, they get accurate feedbacks for what is typed.

Expert designers allow the AI technology to analyze and evaluate the data. Additionally, the UX design also includes a feedback option that asks users” Did you mean” or “do you want this instead” whenever a wrong data is inputted.

Content adaptivity

UX makes it possible for AI machines to come up with adaptive content for applications or internet users. If you are someone who reads the news every time online, the machine adapts to that behavior to give you a better user experience next time.

Predictive behavior

For machines to predict the behavior of users, UI/UX design in Bangalore design plays a vital role. The moment a user starts typing the first few letters of a word, the machine straight away predicts the word what you were about to type. Machines are also able to rely on their algorithmic capability to mine data and work according to predictive modeling.

The impact of big data and AI is transforming the UX world and the role of a UX designer by adding new set of challenges every time. The UX is all about one-to-one human and computer interactions based on predicting how people react to a set of structures. However, with the advent of AI, brands are adopting a quantitative approach to UI/UX design in Bangalore. As users turn towards customization, it is important for a designer to become tech-savvy and dive into scrutinizing the vast possibility of interacting with any system.

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