The need for Multilingual Voice-over Services

In which language should be the voice-over of your television commercial, your ad videos, or the audio ads? This is a very crucial question that is needed to be answered if you want to grow your business beyond its native place. For companies and businesses targeting more new markets, multilingual voice-overs are a much-needed thing. Since many businesses running worldwide wants to target the population hub of the world, i.e., south-east Asia. This region already has about ten major languages belonging to different cultures and ethnicity. Especially if you are business, domestic or foreign, running in a multilingual and multicultural country like India, it becomes a vital component to the success of your ads and marketing campaigns. In India 23 official languages are recognized relating to different states having their diverse cultures. Psychologically people are more inclined to be attracted towards a product/service or the brand that provide descriptions, and other ad videos in their native languages. So, in this case, it’s better to get professionals on board.

A professional and experienced voice-over agency can help you mitigate this multilingual and multicultural dilemma and help you cut through the barriers. Here at Voyzapp, we provide you voice-over assistance with our linguistically native advertisement voice-overs for both, Indian & foreign, regions.

The important thing to understand here is how the multilingual voice-overs influence different industries, to understand why do you need them and why they are so decisive in the success of our marketing campaigns.

Choosing from a wide variety –

Pertaining to your target region and the language, a good voice-over agency will provide you with multiple options to go with. Now this is important as the more native artist you choose the more accurate you get with the tone, accent, local jargon. This builds a positive image of your brand showing customers that you respect their linguistic diversity. A voice-over in their native language done by a native voice artist creates a connection with them.

Widen your Customer base –

Going to new markets and having more customers is what a business always aims for, but to make an alluring appeal to the audience of the new market for showing interest in your brand you need to communicate with them in the language of their preference. Including native language voice-overs in your marketing videos creates an impression on the audience and makes it easier for them to consume the content and engage with your brand, simultaneously increasing your opportunities of having more customers.

Meeting Cultural Aspects – 

Understanding and respecting cultural differences is a must for your brand to thrive in a new market. Your marketing videos must ensure that it is according to the norms and traditions of the target region and language. Including correct voice-overs with native and authentic voice-over actors smoothens the customers viewing experience and keeps them connected with the brand.

Adapting your videos with multilingual voice-overs is prudent for a brand to effectively communicate with a multilingual audience. But this trend is not limited to the marketing industry only. There are some major big players other than the advertising and marketing industry who need multilingual voice-over recording services the most and are readily adopting them.

They are –

Video game Industry –

Surpassing every other industry this has become the largest entertainment industry in the world right now. Now almost all games have some or the other kind of voice-over in them. Developers are now much more focused on providing a perfect gaming experience to the players and hence more and more localized video game voice-overs are used for different regions of the world in the video game industry.

Movie Industry –

Be it any form of a movie – commercial films or documentaries, multilingual voice-overs are needed to get a better idea of the happenings in it. In documentaries, multilingual voice-overs are needed for a different audience to fill in the gaps and connect them with them. In mainstream cinemas, it helps understand the plots and the ideas behind a character.

Education Industry –

Well, E-learning is on the rise, the nativity of voice-overs helps in getting a better understanding of the subject matter in e-learning modules. As these e-learning courses are offered to and watched by people belonging to different linguistic backgrounds, the industry employs multilingual e-learning voice-over services to meet the need. Even in the corporate offices, multilingual training programs are included for new employees to help them better comprehend the workings of their industry.

Since these four major and most influential industries that affect our lives in one or the way have adapted this new multilingual voice-over culture, you can only imagine how impactful and important it is for a normal business. So, all businesses planning expansion to new markets need to get the best possible multilingual voice-over services for your videos to penetrate the new market and acquire new customers.

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