5 Things To Look For While Selecting A Salesforce Partner

Salesforce is the most extensive CRM and software solution for enterprises around the world. It is inevitable for every business to invest in its digital transformation of business growth and customer management and retention.

As a vast piece of software, you would realize that Salesforce has lots of settings and tweaks that you need to have someone to help you customize according to your business needs. Finding the right Salesforce partner for your business is essential, but it is not a smooth path. Your choices determine your success, and you need to find the best match for your needs since no two setups have the same goals, needs, and solutions.

These five tips will help you find the perfect Salesforce partner you need.

1. Expertise Level

When hiring someone to manage your company software, you need to achieve the best results. Their input should grow your production to pay them and run the business with no hassles. The right candidate should be able to handle your Salesforce issues according to your company needs.
In this scenario, you would want to ascertain the type and size of companies the Salesforce partner has worked with. The duration of their experience also determines how well-versed they are in the field. You should have at least a salesforce partners list, which you will use to analyze the available consultants and pick the best.

2. Geographical Location

A software consultancy should be available all the time you need them. You would want to know the person you are working with and access them at the most appropriate time. Technology has made it easier to work with people remotely, but with Salesforce consultancy, you should consider hiring someone close to your business location.

The primary reason for choosing a partner close to you is the time zone. A Salesforce consultant located close to you will be much easier to access during your working hours than those who are many hours apart. You also want someone close by because you may want to visit them and get to know each other better. The more you understand your Salesforce partner, the easier it is to trust them on managing your business solution.

3. Salesforce Certification

You already know that Salesforce is a vast software that requires a lot of work to deploy. People can learn to use Salesforce according to their business needs. Learning from scratch may take your time. However, you may not master every aspect of the software without appropriate learning processes.

The organization behind Salesforce offers certification for its software. When you complete their course, you will become an “officially qualified” consultant. Although there are many Salesforce partners worldwide, you should find one who has been certified by Salesforce after undertaking their course on the software. Use the Salesforce certification validator to verify if the consultant is who they claim to be.

4. Consider Long-term Solutions

Sometimes, it is hard to decide how you want your projects executed. At times, you may have only a small task that you need to do on your Salesforce setup. As a business, you need to identify your needs both now and in the future.

A long-term Salesforce solution will cover you for long-term business needs and projections. As businesses grow, their needs change. Salesforce partners also want to establish long-term relationships so that you can hire them in the future for new projects. An ideal partner should be ready to offer you support along the way with discounted rates or as part of the initial purchase package.

5. Level of Partnership

A Salesforce consultant works with various businesses to provide solutions to their needs. While certification and expertise are essential in deciding the probability of success in your projects, you need to understand their past performance. For instance, you want a high level of success in the previous execution in businesses related to yours.

People may have certification and years in their consultation field, but their success level is low because they have only managed to work with a few clients. The more successful a consultant is in delivering to more clients, the better it is for you. Your choices will be based on the assurance of performance when picking your consultant.

To make your search easier, you should look up the premium partners on Salesforce. These partners have a high success level and have attained high technical certification and customer satisfaction.

To Sum Up

Salesforce will help you to grow your business with its unique yet diverse solutions. Before you hire a Salesforce consultant, you need to understand what you need and how you can achieve it. The right Salesforce partner has the potential to deliver the best according to your immediate needs as well as your business projections.

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