Spin the Wheel for Every Occasion When You Have Many Options?

wheel decide

Do you have a movie date tonight? But can’t decide which movie to watch? Don’t worry, the only task you have to do is spin and let the wheel decide the film. This spinning tool always selects an option for you on occasions with too many choices a helpful and straightforward way to make arbitrary decisions.

Purpose of the wheel tool

We all have seen those little spinning wheels organizations often use to choose winners. The app is nothing but the digital version of those wheels. You can insert the required details inside the available wheels and click on the spin button. That’s all. Wait till the wheel decide the answer based on your requirement.

Features of the spinning wheel app

  • It is so simple to install that anyone can do it.
  • The most straightforward interface and usage make it more comfortable for users to use it repeatedly.
  • It allows the user to edit or change the inputs
  • It comes with various modes to help the user with their particular requirements.
  • Easy to install in any device

The installation procedure of The app in multiple devices

The best part of the spinning wheel is that it is available for both mobiles and computers.

Installation in PC: Firstly, open the website from chrome and go to the settings. Now move to the more tools option. Then create shortcuts, and your installation is complete. Now you can access the app anytime you want and let the wheel decide the right solution.

Installation in Android: Here again, put the link in chrome and open the website. Now go to the settings and click on add to home screen option. You will find the wheel application installed on your phone.

Installation in IOS: Open the website using the link from the chrome browser and go to the share option. After the share, click on add to home screen button and done. It is the best way to install the app instantly.

Various modes of Spinning wheel app

You can use the app and make decisions. Using three multiple ways according to the requirements and inputs. Here is the list of methods with an explanation written below:

Basic mode: As the name suggests, it picks random choices. When you click on the done button in this mode, it displays the selected answer. But since it is a basic one, the chosen solutions do not impact the decision.

Collecting mode: It is also a random answer picking mode, but with this, you will find the selected answer in the other spin. The plus point of this mode is that you can spin it several times for a better solution.

Cancellation mode: In this mode, the tool removes options from the one by one and then picks up a random answer to display. The feature that discards the previous solution from the next round makes it the right choice for teachers while calling students, and there will be no chance of repeating names with it.


Install the app, click on the plus button, and insert the details you want. You can also do the add list option and spin. That is all you have to do, then relax and let the wheel decide everything for you.

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