Most Underrated Places to Visit in Havana?

If you are planning to visit the city of Havana, then do plan your tour according to our tips. This city is full of fascinating sites that will make you go mesmerized. Visit this marvelous city that is a perfect place to step into for your tour. This stunning city is fully packed with numerous destinations.

So, folks read this article and know about the city’s popular tourist spots for which the city is highlighted.

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Read the article to get acquire about various stunning sites of the city:

Sunset at the Malecon

Sunset at the Malecon is the most award-winning thing to do during your trip and learn from the mesmerizing scenic views that show from the main waterfront in Havana. Come to this spectacular area that stretches for 8km along the coast. Have a wonderful feeling at this site that makes a perfect place for long walks by the sea. Visit this site where you will get cars zooming by, place sprays the concord and relaxes mode that one craves. 

A stirring ride on a 1950’s vintage car

This Havana city offers a thrilling vintage car that was underway in 1950 and makes you feel mesmerized in this ride. Enjoy this ride in the vintage car to tour this beautiful city. Visit this ride by hiring a taxi or car and enjoy discovering this city with recently-rolled cigars and freshly-made mojitos. 

Havana Vieja

Havana Vieja is an old Town attractive to the main traveler flashpoints in the city. Hop into this street to explore events and get to enjoy the narrow trails around the vibrant and lovely around Havana’s Old Town. 

Cuban beats on the streets

Cuban streets are the widespread site where some live shows and musical presentations are hosted by locals. Come to this place to enjoy this site offering pleasures acquiring the aptitudes of the locals. This place is worth watching when it comes to Havana. Catch this site to watch people where several people play guitar or shake a maraca, and each of them displays a mesmerizing tune soaked in the culture of Havana. 

El Floridita 

El Floridita is a stunning spot to hop into which is crowded among all. Come to this famous site that has been declared as “the best daiquiri in the world”. You will find this spot alluring them most where several people flock to try out the most popular and delectable cuisine here. So, folks come here to enjoy a treat and satisfy your belly with delectable and mouth-watering, delectable food items here.

Teatro Nacional de Cuba

The National Theatre of Cuba is an extra exciting spot to step into during your journey to this city. Reach this popular theater which is the most impressive building in the city that was first opened in 1915. This theatre was closed for several years for renovations and opened on 1st January 2016, now for the public where you will witness thousands of influx daily. 

Pedicab Ride 

Pedicab rides are one of the trendy places and the best things to do in Havana. This site never disappoints you in any way so, come here to enjoy the pedicab and get amazing offers by traveling short distances available at much cheaper rates as compared to a taxi. Enjoy a ride that completes in 10-minute and offers you enjoyment and set back around at your destination. Reach this site to relish the most fun-filled ride and various fun riding around all the old streets of this city.

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Casa particulares

Casa particulares is one of the most relaxed hotels in the city of Havana where several people across the country visit this site to spend a day or just to discover its classic rooms. Reach this site where you will find this hotel is worth watching and costs 25 CUC ($25) for a night. Come to this site to the casa and is fundamentally a homestay to rent a room of a Cuban host and relish your stay during your trip with your family.

Castillo de los Tres Reyes del Morro

Castillo de Los Tres Reyes del Morro is the widespread site was also known as El Morro and positions proudly at the entrance of the Bay of Havana in the Parque Historico Militar. This site was built in the late 16th century and about the early 17th century for guarding against the constant threat of pirate attacks. This famous site was designed by an Italian engineer, Giovanni Battista Antonelli. This site has one of the main changes to the fort that is the lighthouse, which was rebuilt several times. This was finally substituted in the middle of the 19th century along with a new lighthouse constructed of solid stone. This site’s original lamp still shines, and the fort is open for tourists.

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El Capitolio (National Capitol Building)

El Capitolio is a perfect place for travelers to Havana to visit Washington, D.C.. this place is a beautiful site that was inaugurated in 1929. Watch out for the serene views from the city skyline, where this grand building is reminiscent of the American Capitol building. This site was the Panthéon in Paris, which reputedly enthused its distinctive cupola. Watch this structure that displays a blend of neoclassical and Art Nouveau styles. This site until 1959 was the seat of government, after the Cuban Revolution. You will have to hire a guided tour to tour this restored building and watch out for the headsets that are provided in the language of your choice.

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