Best Wireless Routers in 2022

One of the essential things in today’s day-to-day life is high-speed internet. It doesn’t matter whether you are home or office. You need the best wireless router for high speed and good internet connectivity. In the current home scenario, many gadgets like a camera, smart TV, devices that use internet connectivity, wifi door locking system, etc., need an internet connection. If you have kids at home, the latest routers do provide a parental control feature. Also, the current covid-19 situation has made lots of home activities, such as kids’ school and parents working from home. Considering all these points, we need routers with high speed, lots of security features, and good connectivity when linked with lots of extenders.

When you are looking to buy a wifi router, firstly, you need to prioritize your requirements. Suppose for some budget will be the priority while for others that could be the last one. Buying a wifi router is very tricky as you need to keep it in mind while buying. There are multiple devices at home that work on the internet. Will these devices work? Secondly, will the router cover the entire house area? If you have kids, you might worry about the parental control features as kids these days can watch anything on the internet, and it is tough to monitor that. Imagine your life without the internet, sitting home without any internet connection. It is like a nightmare come true; checking emails and messages have become part of everyone’s day-to-day life. The necessity of the internet has become like a requirement for electricity. We have reviewed the best wireless routers in 2022 to find the perfect fit for your needs considering long-range, budget, performance, and high speed, making your life easy.

Now let us go through the some best wifi routers in 2022 

Asus Zenwifi AX6600

Asus Zenwifi AX6600 is ranked as one of the safest mesh wifi routers. It has one of the best parental control systems. If you are looking for good network security and high performance, this is the product you are looking for.

● Dashboard feature for viewing all the activity is available, including what type of content was considered.

● Data transfer rate 2.5 Gb per second and allows to stream content up to 4k to 8k.

● Next-Gen wifi six technology for safe data transfer is available.

● Compatible to pair with other mesh routers.

● Available in two colors, black and white.


● Very Expensive

● The setup process is time taking

  Google Nest wifi

Google nest wifi router is one of the most compact wifi systems available in the market.

● Coverage area up to 6600 sq. ft.

● Google nest wifi points are available to extend the connection to other places. It can handle up to 200

● Multiple 4k videos on different devices can be viewed at the same time.

● Its intelligent feature can shift connection from one room to another while video calling, parental controls are easy to manage online.

● Installation can be easy just by using an app.


● No Gen wifi six feature available

● Only two Ethernet jacks for connection are available

 There are several other points that you might be having in mind which you can clear out via .

Netgear NightHawk AX5400

Netgear is one of the best-known brands for network hardware devices. Netgear Nighthawk model AX5400 is known for its high performance, speed, and security. It is said to be in one product with high-end performance, reliability, scalability, and anti-malware and cyber threat software for cyber-attacks. This device is recommended for houses with ample space as it covers 2000 sq. ft.

● 1.8 GHz processor with six antennas and six streams. Its capacity can be extended by adding up to 12 streams and 12 antennas.

● Inbuilt features like Alexa voice control, beamforming, Netgear’s armor feature with advanced features like Smart connect.


● The setup is not user-friendly.

D-link AC 3200

What exactly is a triband router? D-link is a known brand in tri-band wifi internet routers. In a standard router, it can broadcast a single signal at a time, while in a tri-band router, it can broadcast three signals simultaneously at different frequencies.

  • Tri-band speeds up to 600 Mbps in 2.4 GHz and 1300 Mbps in 5 GHz.
  • They are designed to manage the stream of 4k and HD videos parallel with game streaming.
  • Best security features available for safer use of the internet.
  • The Advanced AC SmartBeam feature helps track all the devices connected to the internet, which will not allow any device to function less.
  • This is an ideal buying option for gamers and online content streamers.


● One of the most expensive wifi routers

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