Top 11 Hidden Spots in Europe You Must Visit

Quad Bike Safari in Leicester, red quad bikes lined up on an obstacle-filled terrain at Avalanche's activity centre

Europe is one of the most glorious continents to traverse, with several hidden spots that don’t receive the attention they deserve as the likes of Rome, Paris or London. What we mean is – it’s flooded with so many smaller yet beautiful haunts and people either don’t know about them or simply bypass it.
While some of them are within reach, the others need a little effort – however, all these spots are worth the visit.

That said, let’s take a look at some of these hidden spots in Europe you must visit (please check the lockdown/quarantine rules before you plan your trip). Oh also, these are possibly the best places you could explore with your partner.

1. El Caminito del Rey in Spain

A narrow walkway pinned alongside the walls of El Chorro, El Caminito del Rey is one of the most amazing places in Spain; but what makes it more incredible is its bridge that spreads between the entire gorge.

An incredible spot to visit when in Europe, this walkway is the best place to explore especially if you want to witness the other side of Spain.

While the entire hike is very intense, given that it roughly takes around 10 hours round trip, ensure that you’re giving it an entire day to soak in its picturesque view and etch it in your memory forever.

Pro Tip: There’s only one way when it comes to this hike – the Northern entry at Ardales.

2. Whitby in England

One of the most renowned fishing villages in Yorkshire, Whitby is an ideal place to explore particularly when you’re visiting the northern part of England.

However, while Whitby is popular in England, it doesn’t receive the attention it deserves at an international level. So if you’re planning a trip to this part of Europe, you should absolutely head to the beautiful Whitby Abbey, explore its historic fisherman harbour and indulge in the best local food ever.

Quad Bike Safari in Leicester, red quad bikes lined up on an obstacle-filled terrain at Avalanche's activity centre

While you’re at it, why not head to the quad bike safari in Leicester the next day?

Although it’s nearly a 3-hour drive from Whitby Abbey, we are sure you’ll have one hell of an experience riding through those muddy terrain while sat atop a quad bike.

3. Bogliasco in Italy

Located at the South of Genoa, Italy, Bogliasco is one of the most beautiful communes in this Metropolitan City.

This eccentric little place is an amazing spot to spend an afternoon lazing by the sea. What’s more, if you’re someone who loves fresh seafood, then do head to Al Solito Posto.

To visit more such spots in Italy, you could head slightly down the coast and explore the 5 cities of Cinque Terre.

4. Ragusa in Sicily

When it comes to exploring Sicily, it’s quite possible that you might have heard about spots like Palermo and Mt. Etna. This time why not dig a little deeper and visit Ragusa too?

15kms away from the Mediterranean shore, Ragusa is a small city perched amid the mountains in Italy. It’s the perfect place to visit, especially if you’re looking for some conventional Sicilian welcome and charm. While you’re at Ragusa, also head to La Taverna del Lupo to indulge in some authentic Sicilian dishes.

5. The Faroe Islands

Yet another amazing country to visit, The Faroe Islands is the most overlooked spot and often bypassed for the gorgeous Norway or Iceland. But mind you, it’s an impressive place that one must visit when in Europe.

Moreover, ensure that you’re rambling to the Mulafossur Waterfall located on Vagar Island while also visiting the Saksun Church and the Lake Sørvágsvatn.

These are really the top hidden spots in Europe – certainly, worth a visit!

6. Applecross Peninsular in Scotland

Perhaps the most prettiest spot in the Highlands, Applecross Peninsular is an attractive place you must explore. In fact, you should visit every possible spot in the Highlands as they’re absolutely stunning!

Ensure that you’re also visiting the Bealach na Ba to witness the most beautiful glacial landscape in Scotland.

7. Oravský Podzámok in Slovakia

Oravský Podzámok is a small village located in the northern part of Slovakia, but is often dominated by other spots like Bratislava.

However, if you’re planning to visit Slovakia, ensure that you’re heading to the Orava Castle. Not only is it the most gorgeous castle but also has a Chapel (the Knight’s room) that’s extremely stunning.

8. Trentino in Italy

When you think of Italy, the spots that often spring to your mind are Venice, Tuscany and Rome; Trentino is never a part of the list.

Now, if you wish to go beyond the typical Italian spots, the best place to head to is Trentino. While it’s nearly a 2-hour drive from Verona and other cities, it’s an ideal place to explore with your loved one.

Don’t forget to visit the Dolomites to ski through snow-capped slopes!

9. Prokletije in Albania

Prokletije, popularly known as the Albanian Alps, is an incredible place to explore when visiting the county. It’s also one of the gorgeous regions in the Balkans.

Although Maja Jezercë is the highest place in Prokletije, there are other regions that are stunning too. Some of them include the Valbona Valley and Rugova Canyon.

10. Berchtesgaden in Germany

Just 5 miles away from Berchtesgaden is the Church of Maria Gern, another hidden spot in Europe for you to visit.

Climb to the top of it (this takes nearly an hour) and soak in the stunning views of Berchtesgaden below. There are a few more trails around this region, so ensure that you’re paying attention to the path you’re on.

11. Cornago in Spain

A small yet stunning town in Spain, Cornago is a place you can’t afford to not visit.

Nestled amid the La Rioja area, it’s located near Logrono meaning you get to visit two stunning spots on the same trip. However, ensure that you’re also heading to the Campo Viejo Vineyard as it’s not only close to Cornago but also a delicious place.

To Sum Up

There we have it – our top 11 hidden spots that you must visit when planning your trip to Europe.

Just make sure that you’re checking all the travel rules along with the quarantine guidelines in these places if you’re thinking of visiting them anytime soon.

Travel safe and make the most of it!

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