How To Crack SBI CBO Without Coaching?

SBI CBO exam is for the recruitment of Circle-Based Officers and is conducted at the national level. Anyone having 2 years of experience in a scheduled commercial bank or any regional rural bank can apply for this test. Cracking a competitive exam as this is possible without coaching too, but the preparation needs to be well planned. 

Knowing the detailed syllabus and following the correct approach for covering the course makes it easy to clear the exam. Since there are a large number of applicants, candidates need to strictly cover the complete syllabus and practice all topics thoroughly to succeed. Read on to know tips to crack without SBI CBO coaching.

Important tips to keep in mind

Some tips by experts to crack the SBI CBO exam are as follows:

a. Online written test:

  • This section is for 2 hrs and has objective questions of 120 marks. It includes English language, banking knowledge, general awareness, and computer aptitude. The best part is that there is no negative marking in the written exam.
  • Having a thorough conceptual knowledge of these subjects is needed for scoring better. Apart from the books, one needs to refer to reliable online sources such as BYJU’S Exam Prep to get expert assistance online in preparing for the exam.
  • Based on the time remaining for the exam, one needs to make a timetable to cover the complete syllabus of all the sections.
  • Time management is important, so it is a good practice to attempt as many mock tests as possible. While doing so, make sure to set a timer for some questions to see how long it takes to solve them. In case you’re unable to solve the problems quickly, learn the shortcuts to efficiently manage time.
  • It is important to get immediate clarification on the topics that are difficult to score in. Focussing on these by practicing questions from different books asked under the SBI CBO syllabus will be quite helpful.
  • After the objective section, there is a descriptive section of 50 marks for 30 minutes. This includes letter and essay writing related to topics on banking and finance. For scoring well in this section, one needs to have detailed knowledge about the current financial and banking scenario of the country.

b. Interview:

Tips for cracking the interview:

i. Thorough knowledge of the current work in the concerned department:

A minimum of 2 years of work experience is needed for SBI CBO as they want to avoid chances of investing in novice resources. So, during the interview, one has to show a thorough knowledge of the banking sector, the way it operates, and the work experience in the department to create a good impression on the interview panel.

ii. Giving realistic answers:

It is never recommended to give theoretical answers that seem unrealistic. It is better to be truthful to create a good impression. Also, one must strictly avoid bluffing when unaware of any topic that is being asked, as this can create a negative impression on the panel.

iii. Preparing for scenario-based questions:

Such questions are asked to assess the analytical skills of the candidate and to understand how well he can handle a critical situation. This needs the presence of the mind to give wise and practical answers.

iv. Body language and communication skills:

Communicating one’s thoughts clearly while answering the question creates a lasting positive impression on the interview panel. This is possible if a candidate practices speaking at home, looking at the mirror, as well as to others. While speaking, one needs to have the right body language as it shows how confident a candidate is.

Conclusion: Preparing for exams like SBI CBO at home becomes easy when a candidate has the right resources. Today, the best-updated study materials are provided by educational websites such as BYJU’S Exam Prep website. It helps the aspirants with detailed study materials, practice papers as well as guidance from experts whenever needed. All these are enough to start preparing without coaching, at home, and excelling in the exam. 

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