10 Steps to Obtaining your Skilled Independent Visa

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Every year innumerable candidates apply for a visa to live and work in Australia. The skilled independent visa 189 is for applicants who come to Australia to work without getting sponsored by a state, business, or individual. Here, the best part of this visa is living and working permanently from anywhere in Australia.

10 Crucial Steps Lead to the Successful Application of 189 Visa

1. Know Your Eligibility Requirements For 189 Visa Australia

  • Your Australian visa should not be canceled or refused (exceptional) while you live in Australia.
  • There should be no outstanding debts to the Australian Government on your record.
  • Your age must be under 45 years old.
  • Possess a set of talents from the list of qualifying occupations.
  • Your desire to live and work in Australia indefinitely must be sincere.

2. Financial funds for Subclass 189 Visa

These financial costs are estimated in Australian dollars and may vary per person/country/situation.

AUD 330 – $363 for an English test (multiple tests approved).

AUD 222.50 – $265.70 for a health examination (medical checkup).

AUD 42.00 for a character check (police check).

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AUD 3,670 for a visa application

3. Evaluate Your Australia Visa 189 Points

Before submitting your Expression of Interest, you can use the point system to assess your eligibility. It also gives the Department of Home Affairs the ability to check your eligibility. As a result, make sure you get a minimum of 60 points and no fewer points. It’s because the Australian Government may occasionally compel you to achieve a higher score.

4. Skill Evaluation

A designated authority in Australia will evaluable your education and work experience. If you received a positive skill analysis, you could proceed with the independent skill visa. However, if you wish to add a spouse’s skill point, the spouse also needs to go through the skill assessment.

5. English grades for your 189 Visa

Another prerequisite for satisfying the 189 visa requirements is demonstrating that you have “competent English.” You know how the Government defines English tests and their respective scores.

6. EOI

After receiving a positive skill assessment and appropriate information, the candidate submits an Expression of Interest to apply for permanent residency in Australia. Depending on their requirements, the Department will evaluate your application and may invite you to apply for the visa.

7. Wait for your EOI’s Verdict

After submitting your EOI and your existing visa is about to expire, apply for another visa. After applying for a skilled independent visa and getting the invitation, you will be eligible for a bridging visa. And it means the submission of your EOI is not considered as your visa application.

8. Apply for the visa

You have received an invitation now from the Government to apply for this visa. Great!

You can apply for the visa after you have received an invitation to do so. (You have the time of 60 days from the time you receive the invitation to apply.)

When you apply, you can be onshore or offshore. If you apply onshore, you will most likely be given a Bridging Visa, allowing you to stay in Australia while your form is being processed.

9. Medical Test

You and your eligible dependents must pass a comprehensive medical exam administered by a certified hospital. The Australian immigration department must choose or authorize this hospital. Your medical center will send the results straight to the DoHA for review.

10. Expect a visa decision

You need to wait a while to learn the outcome of your visa application. As a result, while applying for your 189 visas, provide as many documents as feasible. You may ensure that your visa application is processed considerably faster than expected by doing so.

Summing up

Make a big move and step ahead to apply! To successfully apply for your skilled independent visa, you should hire an experienced Australian immigration agent. They will help you perform the step smoothly and ensure you have an accurate visa application ready for you.

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