What is the Skilled Work Regional Visa in Australia and How It Works?

It is now possible to work, settle and become a resident of Australia for five years with a valid permit. Skilled Work Regional visa Melbourne is nothing but a provisional visa that helps all skilled workers to live, continue education, and work in appointed areas with their families. The particular visa is applicable for five years, and the applicant must be nominated either by a sponsor or by eligible family members who are enjoying permanent residence in Australia.

Eligibility Criteria For Applying for Skilled Work Regional visa Melbourne:

The applicant who prefers to apply Skilled Work Regional visa Melbourne needs to meet the following eligibility to get the visa approval. The eligibility includes

  • The applicant must get a nomination from the region or a relative
  • The applicant must propose an Expression of Interest or EOI
  • The applicant must have competent English
  • The applicant must have good health and character
  • The applicant must receive an EOI nomination invitation email in response
  • The applicant must meet the mentioned age (under 45)

How To Earn 65 Points For Applying for The Specific Visa?

It is crucial to score more than 65 points for applying for a Skilled Work Regional visa Melbourne. Here are some factors that help in increasing the score. The assessment points depend on the following factors, and the applicant must focus on these factors to score more than 65 points. The factors include

  • Age factor – lesser than 45 years can gain 30 points
  • Educational background can earn 15 points
  • Work experience in and outside the country can earn 15 points outside Australia and 20 points inside Australia.
  • Proof of proficiency in English by IELTS can gain 20 points.

How Does The Skilled Work Regional visa Melbourne Works?

It is interesting to know how the specific visa works. It is a provisional visa that allows skilled workers to live and work in Australia. The permit allows the applicant.

  • To dwell in the country for five years.
  • It allows the applicants to live, work and study in the selected regional areas of Australia
  • The applicant can travel to and from Australia several times as they wish when the permit is in existence
  • The applicant can proceed for permanent residence after completing three years from the time the visa is granted

The Cost And Processing Time Of Skilled Work Regional Visa Melbourne:

The visa cost starts from AUD 4,240 and is subject to changes. The processing time of the visa is as follows

  • 25% of applications can take three months to process
  • 50% of applications can take six months to process
  • 75% of applications take nine months to the processing
  • 90% of applications take 22 months to the processing

The processing time differs based on the nature of the application. For example, incomplete applications might consume more time in the visa process. Hence, reviewing the norms and restrictions before starting the application procedures is advised. 

Benefits Of 491 Visas:

Here are some of the benefits that the 401 visa holders can enjoy. The benefits include

  • The 491 visa holders can live with their families.
  • They can work and continue their education in designated regional areas
  • The specific visa provides multiple re-entry facility
  • The visa holder can stay for five years

These are all some of the benefits enjoyed by 491 visa holders. Apart from the mentioned benefits, there exist some other gifts too for the sake of the skilled workers

Reasons Behind Applying for Subclass 491 Visas:

Subclass 491 visa enables the eligible candidates and their family members to live in designated regional areas of Australia. In addition, the professionals can study and work without disturbance for five years. If the visa holders want to continue their stay in Australia, they can apply for Permanent Residence Permit under Subclass 191 after completing three years. 

These are all the valid reasons that every skilled professional wishes to migrate to Australia to lead a better and quality life. However, certain norms apply to the visa holders, who must abide by the rules to continue their stay in Australia. 

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Applying for a Skilled Work Regional visa Melbourne is simple once the applicant understands the procedure well. Australia welcomes skilled professionals who can follow the steps and procedures in applying for the visa to avail of all the benefits of the 491 visa.

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