How Effective Is The Hair Transplant?

Many people get the baldness on their heads due to stress, anxiety and other health problems. Some of people get this problem because of their family genes. If you are one of the people with the above-said issues then it is the time for you to do the hair transplant in Punjab. This is the most necessary one in this modern life. Since technology has improved it is necessary for the people to utilize it fully. As you can find the different clinics in India it is good for you to pick the experienced one. Since this needs to be done on the important place in the body you have to select the experts.

How useful is the hair transplantation for the bald people?

The baldness can occur to any aged person. Some may have the patchy bald in the head while some of them have the complete bald. These kinds of people feel disturbed and also irritated and this itself may cause the hair fall problem. The many advanced treatments are provided by the doctors and so the hair fall is now cured easily.

The technique followed by the clinic for the hair problems is the follicular unit extraction and follicular unit transplantation.  The follicular unit transplantation is the way where the number of the follicles can be transplanted and this is completely safe for the health condition of the patients.

The follicular unit extraction is the procedure that needs to be done by implanting the hair follicle individually. This kind of transplantation takes a few more minutes but it is more effective. The transplantation of the hair can be done by the experts who are masters in this surgery process.

What is the difference between the FUT and FUE techniques?

There are two types of the transplantation process such as the FUT and FUE. The aim of both the technique is to transplant the hair from the areas where the hair growth is high to the areas where the hair growth is low. The follicular unit transplantation is a cost-effective technique. The experts will do the transplantation process by completely shifting the strip of hair follicles from one side of the head to another.

This means that the area where the hair density is low needs the follicles to be implanted from the high-density areas. This technique is good for the people who want the more number of hair grafts to be transplanted. Some of the people want the FUE technique and this will be good for the one who needs less hair as this takes more time and also a little expensive.

The main advantage of this follicular unit extraction technique is that it never gives more pain and scars are not visible in the head. This is the expensive one than the follicular unit transplantation but it is more valuable according to it. After the transplantation, the hair may fall off for the first few weeks and then your hair will grow again with good health. But maintain the hair even after surgery is the essential one as per the doctor’s advice.

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